The weather at this spectacular wedding at Chelsea Piers was almost too good to be believed.  In the weeks and months leading up to the wedding date we talked about the weather often.  What if it snowed?  What if it didn’t snow, but was five degrees outside?  What if it rained?  When you’re getting married in Manhattan, rain plans are a bit hard to come by.  We turned the day inside out, making backup plans to our backup plans.

Turns out, no backup plans were needed.  Not only did it not snow, it wasn’t even cold!  No one wore a coat, the sun was shining, and the city was spectacular.

Honestly, it wouldn’t have mattered even if we did have bad weather.  The bride and groom were so happy and radiant that no amount of rain or snow would have dampened the mood. I know that every wedding blog everywhere talks about how happy the bride and groom are, but truly, these two were super happy.  It’s always such a treat to meet such wonderful people and to be the one to document their day.

andaz wall street wedding
The bride got ready at the Andaz Wall Street. This was a marvelous hotel for bridal prep, as the rooms were large and the light was gorgeous. It’s always so much fun to document this part of the wedding preparations. I love capturing the moments between the bride and bridesmaids, as well as the family that surrounds the bride during this part of the day.
wedding at Chelsea Piers
When capturing the small details on a wedding day, I try to create something unique for every single client. I want the detail images to represent the style of the wedding itself, so each one is truly individual to the couple getting married!
chelsea piers wedding
Before their wedding at Chelsea Piers, I had a few moments with the bride and groom. They saw each other for the first time at the Andaz Wall Street, and we went to the High Line for their portraits. After their portrait session at the High Line, we stopped outside at Chelsea Pier for a few more images. The sun was setting in the distance, and we created a few creative multiple exposures. This means that two pictures are layered together in the camera, not created in Photoshop after the fact. I love how the overlapping branches create a softness and sharpness in the same image!
wedding pictures at chelsea piers
I love that we had the opportunity to use the roof at the Andaz Wall Street for the first look. We also had a few extra minutes to take pictures on the roof, and it was glorious. The winter sun was warm, and the city sprawled out in the distance. It’s always so sweet to have these moments together before the hustle and bustle of the wedding day gets going!
wedding photos at chelsea pier
One of the things that I strive for as a wedding photographer is originality. At this wedding at Chelsea Pier, we were walking through the parking garage to get back after our portrait time. I saw some amazing light, and this picture was created. We were standing in between parked cars, nowhere that would seem like a “photo location.” I saw the beautiful light, and knew we had to go for it! I love how this beautiful image was taken in a very unconventional location!
jewish wedding at chelsea pier
The gorgeous symbolism and tradition of Jewish wedding ceremonies are so beautiful. At this wedding, the bride and groom signed their ketubah before the wedding ceremony. This tender moment between the bride and her mother took place after the ketubah was signed. Finding moments like this are such a treat!
wedding reception at chelsea piers
The wedding ceremony and reception both took place at Chelsea Pier, which really is a great Manhattan wedding venue. Not many places have space for weddings and receptions both, and Chelsea Piers does! This was a tremendous wedding reception, and I loved capturing this moment of the bride dancing with her bridesmaids!

This wedding at Chelsea Piers really illustrates everything that I love about this unique New York wedding venue.  It also illustrates everything that I love about the wonderful clients who trust me to document their wedding days.  It was a great pleasure to get to know both of them, as well as their families, and to spend this day with them.  I look forward to the next time I will be back at Chelsea Piers, and hopefully the next time I can work with these incredible people!