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TOOLS of the Trade

The BEST way to create Reels directly from templates in Instagram - no additional program or app needed!  Get a free month when you use promo code SUSAN.

My preferred studio management software. Send contracts, questionnaires, emails, invoices, and so much more.  Get a free month's trial by clicking below!

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The platform this whole website is built on.  For a free month use code nr48y05c at checkout or click below.

AI retouching software that truly needs to be seen to be believed.  From glass glare to acne, wrinkles in clothes to under-eye circles and more, Evoto makes retouching a breeze.

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The gold standard of gallery software.  Send your images to clients and other vendors with ease.  Click below to receive a free month.

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The absolute genius design duo that created this website that you're looking at right now.  KP and Jessie are wonderful, please tell them I sent you!

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My favorite rolling bags and backpacks are all from Tenba.  Use code STRIPLING10 for 10% off any Tenba bag purchase from their site. 

Social media scheduling made easy.  I use this to prep my social media calendar for months in advance!  Click below for a $10 credit to your Plann account.

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Excellent ShowIt site templates and add-ons.  This page was made using the Tonic Favorites page!  Get 15% off any Tonic purchase using the code susanstripling or the link below.

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You can find The Show Series, my presets for Adobe Lightroom, right here.  Crisp and realistic, the presets are great for any and all lighting conditions.

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Collapsible Charger Organizer




Case for Samsung T7 DRIVES




Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Holga 120N Film Camera

Charge your mobile devices anywhere.  This bank is powerful and lasts super long.

An incredibly reliable tiny hard drive that I use both at home and when I travel.

Pop it right on the side of your charging brick and cable and it winds up for organizational awesomeness.

A completely customizable laptop riser that I use on my standing desk in conjunction with an external keyboard.

I use this for zoom calls and so so much more.

Fast and reliable, I've been using this CF Express reader at home and on the go for years.

A completely customizable laptop riser that I use on my standing desk in conjunction with an external keyboard.

Want to work from every corner of your home?  This is a reliable, simple rolling desk that delivers as promised.

I wear these without fail at every wedding reception for protection from loud bands and music.

I use these to store batteries, cords, and miscellaneous loose items in my camera bags.

I have these tucked in all of my camera and laptop bags.  They're great for cleaning lenses and laptop screens.

It leaks light and is no way reliable, but if you want a fun camera for creative enjoyment, look no further!

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