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Photo by The Ways of the Dog.

Chloe came first, joined almost a decade later by Taylor Swift. Both Havanese by breed, their personalities are quite the study in contrasts. While Chloe is the embodiment of gentle kindness, sensing a mood change before it's even fully realized and sleeping nestled close, Taylor Swift displays the fiery exuberance of youth, delighting in both vaguely reluctant snuggles and bafflingly shouting at inanimate objects. They've both been joined recently by my partner's Cavalier King Charles darling, Tikka, and our aggressively affectionate baby kitty Lucy. Never thinking I was a cat person, it’s a mystery how Lucy worked her way into my life. She fit into our tiny zoo with ease, boxing Taylor on the face, knocking over houseplants like it’s her job, and sleeping tucked insistently under my chin.

For those familiar with my life, the deep affection I hold for my pet family is evident.

The unwavering companionship I've found in them is unparalleled. In return, I endeavor to offer them warmth and a life speckled with humor.

Every wedding or session booked carries with it a promise. A fraction of the proceeds is dedicated to BARCS.

In my eyes, pets aren't just animals; they're kin.

Photo by The Ways of the Dog.

They are Maryland's most expansive animal shelter, a beacon of hope for every creature that finds its way there. Whether abandoned, lost, abused, or surrendered, BARCS doesn't discriminate. Their doors swing open to welcome over 10,000 animals annually, spanning from domestic pets to wildlife. Their mission? To provide every single one with shelter, nourishment, medical attention, and the touch of kindness.

To shed some light on barcs:

Photo by The Ways of the Dog.

For direct contributions to BARCS and to perhaps help an animal find a place to call home, their website awaits your visit.

Your choice to entrust me as your photographer extends beyond just capturing moments; it aids in supporting this haven for animals.