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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

74 Wythe Rooftop Wedding

On the sweetest day in April, Jon and Felix’s 74 Wythe rooftop wedding was a dream to document.  Accompanied by their beloved corgi Napoleon, we started the day at the Hoxton, moved to the streets of Williamsburg for some portraits, and ended up at 74 Wythe for the family photos, ceremony, tea ceremony, and reception.

A corgi gets ready with his dads at the Hoxton for a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding

Learning how to tie a bow tie at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding

Two grooms snuggle in a window at the Hoxton in Williamsburg Brooklyn \Two grooms and their dog walk around Williamsburg for wedding day portraits with graffiti and murals

Two grooms cuddle by the water in Williamsburg Brooklyn on their 74 Wythe rooftop wedding day

Two grooms cuddle in Williamsburg Brooklyn on their 74 Wythe rooftop wedding day

Two grooms cuddle in Williamsburg Brooklyn in front of a mural on their 74 Wythe rooftop wedding day

A portrait of a joyful couple in elegant white tuxedos at their 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, seated and reflecting their smiles on a shiny table surface in a warmly lit, artistic room.

The couple walking down the aisle at their 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, smiling and holding hands, with guests looking on and a well-dressed corgi leading the way.

The couple at the altar, exchanging vows under a floral arch at their 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, one partner gently wiping away tears in a touching moment.

Two images capturing a joyful moment at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding: the left, a black and white photo of the couple smiling as they walk down the aisle, watched by guests; the right, a color photo where the couple, in white tuxedos, hold hands with beaming smiles, surrounded by cheering guests and a cityscape in the background.

Two images showcasing elegant details from a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding: the left features a close-up of a table centerpiece with deep red roses in a gold vase, lit by soft candlelight; the right shows a cozy, inviting seating area under a pergola with hanging lights and greenery, providing a warm, ambient setting against an evening cityscape.

A black and white photograph capturing a joyful moment at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, featuring two partners in elegant velvet tuxedos, smiling as they walk through the venue. One partner waves at the camera, adding a lively touch to the scene.

A black and white photograph from a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, showing a couple sharing their first dance. Lit by a spotlight, they smile at each other, their happiness illuminated against a backdrop of a live band performing in the darkened room.

Two men dressed in tuxedos dance together on a stage at a 74 Wythe Rooftop Wedding with a live band performing in the background.

A black and white photograph capturing a heartfelt moment at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, where the couple stands at a microphone, addressing their guests. Both dressed in elegant black velvet tuxedos, one partner speaks while the other looks on with a smile, with a live band and attentive guests in the background.

A black and white photograph capturing an emotional embrace among friends at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding. The image shows two of the wedding party members, laughing joyfully and hugging tightly, celebrating the special moment together.

A lively photograph from a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding, capturing a joyful dance moment. The couple, dressed in stylish velvet tuxedos, laugh and dance together amidst a festive crowd of guests under twinkling lights, creating a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere.

A touching black and white photograph from a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding capturing a special moment where the grooms share a dance with their mothers. Surrounded by guests and under a canopy of twinkling lights, the pairs sway to the music, creating a heartfelt and memorable scene.

A vibrant photograph capturing a celebratory toast at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding. The couple, dressed in elegant velvet tuxedos, joyfully raises their glasses in a toast, while one of them holds up a phone, possibly capturing the moment. The lively band performs in the background, enhancing the festive atmosphere of the celebration.

A black and white photograph capturing a lively dance moment at a 74 Wythe rooftop wedding. In the foreground, a guest with a joyful expression dances energetically, dressed in a light gray suit and a playful bow tie. The sparkling lights overhead add a magical touch to the festive atmosphere, with other guests enjoying the celebration in the background.

74 Wythe Rooftop Wedding

A wedding day’s success hinges significantly on the synergy and professionalism of the team involved, ensuring every detail is meticulously executed. Central to orchestrating this seamless event is the wedding planner Jason Mitchell Kahn and his team, known for their impeccable coordination and creative vision. They played a pivotal role in ensuring each vendor delivered their best, seamlessly integrating their services to create a cohesive and memorable event.

The venue, 74 Wythe, offers a stunning backdrop for the celebration. Its chic interiors and versatile spaces provide an ideal setting for both the ceremony and reception, encapsulating the essence of a modern, stylish wedding. The ambiance of 74 Wythe significantly enhances the guest experience, making it a key component in the day’s success.

Adding to the event’s vibrancy, 45 Riots infused the atmosphere with energetic and engaging music, keeping the spirits and celebration lively. Morton’s Steakhouse and Red Hook Lobster provide the culinary experience, offering guests an exquisite array of dishes that are as delightful in taste as they are in presentation, elevating the dining experience to match the elegance of the setting.

Grace + Grit enhances the visual appeal with their floral designs, which bring color, life, and a personal touch to the venue, reflecting the couple’s style and theme of the wedding. The combined efforts of these vendors, under the guidance of the Jason Mitchell Kahn team, create a harmonious and enchanting celebration. This collaborative effort ensures that the wedding not only meets but exceeds the couple’s and their guests’ expectations, marking the day as truly unforgettable.

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