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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

A Couple’s Guide to Rainy Day Wedding Photos in New York

Rain on your wedding day often carries a reputation of being far from perfect, tagged with superstitions that hail it as a harbinger of good fortune, albeit with a caveat when it comes to capturing those once-in-a-lifetime photographs. The mere thought might stir a mix of concern and disappointment among couples dreaming of clear, sunny skies as they exchange vows. Yet, A Couple’s Guide to Rainy Day Wedding Photos in New York is crafted to challenge and transform this outlook, specifically tailored for those embarking on their journey of love in the bustling streets of New York City.

Here, where the weather is as unpredictable as the city is vibrant, rain should not be viewed merely as a day’s spoiler or an unwelcome intruder. Instead, this guide proposes a fresh perspective, inviting couples to welcome the rain as an unexpected guest — one that carries with it an opportunity to infuse their wedding photos with an unparalleled charm and a depth of emotion that clear skies cannot offer.

Through this lens, rain becomes not just a backdrop but a participant in the celebration, adding layers of beauty, spontaneity, and intimacy to the narrative of the day that, when captured, tell a story far more compelling and memorable.

A Tribeca Rooftop wedding with a bride and groom holding umbrellas in the rain.

Embracing the Romance of Rain

Rain reshapes New York City into a scene straight out of a film, ideal for capturing the essence of romance in photography. The gentle sound of raindrops hitting the urban canvas introduces a calm, almost serene atmosphere, distinct from the city’s everyday hustle. This backdrop transforms ordinary settings into visually captivating scenes.

The city under rain gains a visual appeal that sunny days lack. Streets become reflective surfaces, mirroring the urban lights and architecture, turning simple puddles into striking elements of your photos. This natural mirror effect not only enhances the city’s vibrancy but also adds a layer of complexity to the imagery.

Rain amplifies the city’s colors, making them more pronounced against the overcast sky. The wet environment deepens hues, from the greenery of parks to the bright colors of city life, ensuring they stand out in photographs. This effect contributes to creating images that are rich and full of life.

The rain’s presence fosters a sense of closeness, offering a more intimate setting amidst the expansive city. It creates moments that feel secluded from the outside world, allowing for genuine, unguarded expressions of love and joy to be captured.

In sum, rain doesn’t dampen the spirit of New York City but instead offers a unique opportunity to capture its altered state through a lens that appreciates the beauty in the unconventional. The result is a set of images that are not just photographs but stories of embracing the moment, no matter the weather.

A bride and groom standing under an umbrella in the rain on their wedding day in New York.

Preparing for Rain in Your Wedding Plans

Maximizing the potential of a rainy wedding day in New York hinges on thorough preparation and a flexible mindset. As the photographer guiding you through this process, I advocate for establishing a well-thought-out plan B that embraces the city’s indoor marvels as much as its outdoor charm. The selection of an alternative venue is paramount; spaces endowed with abundant natural light, such as historic buildings, contemporary lofts, and venerable libraries, offer a luminous and atmospheric setting that can beautifully complement your ceremony and portraits, even without sunlight.

Integrating elements like stylish umbrellas and elegant rain boots into your wedding ensemble can transform the necessity of weatherproofing into an opportunity for whimsy and personal expression. These accessories serve a dual purpose: they protect you from the elements while introducing a dynamic and playful dimension to your photographs. Imagine a series of shots capturing you and your partner, vibrant umbrellas in hand, against the rain-drenched backdrop of the city—a testament to joy and resilience on your special day.

A wedding couple kissing under an umbrella in the rain in New York City.

Communication with me, your photographer, is crucial long before the wedding day, especially regarding potential rainy day contingencies. This dialogue ensures that I fully understand your vision and preferences, allowing me to scout the perfect indoor locations and brainstorm creative ideas that leverage the rain rather than fall victim to it. My expertise in navigating the complexities of lighting and composition, regardless of weather conditions, positions me to capture the beauty and spontaneity of each moment, ensuring that the rain adds to the narrative of your day rather than detracting from it.

Moreover, I bring an experienced eye to the subtle interplay of light and shadow that a rainy day offers, identifying opportunities to use the softened natural light to our advantage. This might mean capturing the tender reflection of a shared glance in a rain-slicked window or the dramatic silhouette of your embrace under the shelter of an umbrella. The unique atmospheric conditions of a rainy day in New York provide a canvas that yields images steeped in emotion and ambiance when approached with creativity and expertise.

In essence, the success of wedding photography under New York’s rainy skies is not just about mitigating challenges but about seizing opportunities to create memorable, distinctive images. With the right preparation, a touch of adventurous spirit, and open communication, we can ensure that your wedding photos reflect not just the beauty of your love but the dynamic and resilient spirit of the city itself, come rain or shine.

rainy day bethesda terrace photo with a couple on the steps in the rain

Why I LOVE rainy day wedding photos in New York

Rainy day weddings in New York City hold a special place in my heart, not just for the atmospheric charm they bring but for the unique storytelling opportunities they present. There’s something about how rain interacts with the city’s landscape that transforms ordinary scenes into moments brimming with emotion and depth. This transformation is not merely visual; it’s experiential, adding a layer of intimacy and immediacy to the day’s events.

The rain is a natural filter, softening the light and the city itself. It mutes the usual cacophony of urban life, allowing the sounds of the celebration to stand out more clearly. The resulting photos capture not just images but the essence of the moment—the quiet joy, the shared laughter under umbrellas, and the spontaneous dashes from shelter to shelter. These elements contribute to creating a narrative that is as real as it is romantic.

Moreover, rain brings with it an element of surprise and spontaneity that can’t be replicated under clear skies. Couples and guests alike are moved out of their comfort zones, leading to genuine expressions of joy, surprise, and sometimes even awe. Capturing these unguarded moments against the backdrop of a rain-soaked New York offers a glimpse into the true spirit of the day, marked by resilience and celebration in the face of the unexpected.

a rainbow photo in central park from bethesda terrace facing the fountain

With its reflective surfaces, glowing lights, and dramatic architecture, the city becomes an even more compelling character under the rain. The wet streets reflect the city lights, turning every photograph into a canvas filled with light and color. This interplay between the urban environment and the weather adds a cinematic quality to the photos, imbuing them with a sense of place and time that is distinctly New York.

In essence, rainy-day wedding photos in New York are about more than just documenting an event; they’re about capturing the beauty in the unplanned, the joy in the moment, and the love that shines through, regardless of the weather. It’s these elements that make such weddings not just memorable but deeply meaningful.

A bride and groom share a romantic kiss under an umbrella in the rain during their wedding at the Crystal Tea Room.

Choosing Additional Rain-Plan Locations

When planning for rainy-day wedding photography in New York City, selecting the right locations becomes essential, especially since many indoor venues like Grand Central Terminal, The Oculus, and Brookfield Place require permits well in advance due to their popularity and restrictions on commercial photography.

Each iconic spot offers a unique backdrop for your wedding photos, from the grandeur and historical ambiance of Grand Central’s vast halls to The Oculus’s modern, light-filled spaces and Brookfield Place’s combination of luxury and contemporary design.

The Top of the Rock provides an unparalleled view of the city and is a great choice, but in the rain, it can be very crowded, and the views of the city from indoors can be quite obstructed.  You don’t need a permit to go here, just tickets, which makes it a good (though limited, option-wise) option for a rainy-day backup photo plan.

A Top of the Rock wedding couple pose in front of a window overlooking the city.

For outdoor options that offer some shelter and are less reliant on the unpredictable New York weather, consider these architectural gems and public spaces that are perfect for adding a distinctive character to your wedding photos:

  • Brooklyn Bridge–City Hall/Chambers Street Station: This subway station is known for its historic and intricate tile work, featuring arches that reflect early 20th-century architectural design, with detailed mosaics and a blend of Gothic and Romanesque styles.
  • The Arches in Fort Tryon Park: These stone arches offer a view of rugged terrain and dense foliage, evoking a medieval atmosphere within the park. The arches themselves are made from local stone, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.
  • Outside Arches at the New York Public Library: The library’s exterior is characterized by Beaux-Arts architecture, with grand arches that frame the entrance. These arches are supported by Corinthian columns featuring detailed sculptures and ornamental designs.
  • 6 1/2 Avenue: A pedestrian passageway that slices through Midtown Manhattan, offering a modern, urban shortcut adorned with public plazas and art installations.
  • Irish Hunger Memorial: Located in Battery Park City, this memorial features a reconstructed 19th-century Irish cottage set among stones and native plants, offering a solemn and reflective environment.
  • The Arches in DUMBO: Nestled under the Manhattan Bridge, the arches in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) create a dramatic urban landscape. The massive stone archways and cobblestone streets offer a glimpse into New York’s industrial past, with the bridge’s steel beams adding to the gritty aesthetic.
  • Covered Pavilions in Parks: Across New York City, various parks feature covered pavilions that serve as picturesque shelters from the rain. These pavilions range from classic Victorian gazebos in smaller community parks to modern, architecturally significant structures in Hudson River Park and Riverside Park.
  • South Street Seaport: This historic area combines cobblestone streets, restored 19th-century buildings, and views of the Brooklyn Bridge. Covered areas, such as the Fulton Stall Market and the canopies along Pier 17, offer shelter while retaining the charm of this maritime district.
  • The Arches at Fort Tryon Park: Additional mention for its medieval-style arches that provide historical context and picturesque stone overpasses amid lush greenery, enhancing the park’s dramatic landscape.
  • New York Public Library Outside Arches: The majestic arches of the New York Public Library’s main branch on 5th Avenue offer a neoclassical backdrop, with the lion statues ‘Patience’ and ‘Fortitude’ guarding the entrance, adding to the grandeur of this iconic building.
  • South Street Seaport’s Covered Areas: Beyond its cobblestone streets and maritime history, South Street Seaport features covered spaces that are part of its modern redevelopment, including Pier 17’s rooftop, which offers sheltered areas with views of the East River and Manhattan skyline.

should we do an engagement session at fort tryon park

Central Park, known for its picturesque landscapes and architectural features, houses several arches and bridges, each with its own story and aesthetic:

  • Denesmouth Arch (66th Street): This arch is constructed from Manhattan schist, with its rough-hewn surfaces and simple, unadorned design offering a contrast to the more ornate structures in the park.
  • Dipway Arch (59th Street): Located near the park’s southeast entrance, this arch features a more utilitarian design, with brick construction and a straightforward, functional appearance.
  • Eaglevale Bridge (77th Street): This cast-iron bridge stands out for its ornate railings and decorative elements, with intricate patterns that contrast with the natural stone of its abutments.
  • Glade Arch (78th Street): Glade Arch is known for its elegant curves and detailed balustrades, offering a romantic Victorian feel amidst the surrounding greenery.
  • Greyshot Arch (61st Street): Featuring a simple but graceful brick design, this arch is complemented by its surrounding landscape, offering a serene passage within the park.
  • Greywacke Arch (81st Street): Named for the type of sandstone used in its construction, this arch features a Gothic pointed design, detailed carvings and a distinctive appearance.
  • Huddlestone Arch (107th Street): Perhaps the most rustic arch in Central Park, it is built without mortar, using only massive, naturally shaped boulders, creating a rugged and primitive look.
  • Inscope Arch (62nd Street): This arch is unique for its cast-iron construction, featuring ornate details and a lighter, more open appearance than the stone arches.
  • Mountcliff Arch (110th Street): Sitting at the park’s northern edge, this arch features a straightforward design with fieldstone construction, blending into the adjacent cliffs.
  • Playmates Arch (65th Street): Designed primarily for pedestrian traffic, this small arch features a charming brick and stone design with a cozy, enclosed feel.
  • Reservoir Bridge (85th Street): This bridge offers expansive views of the park’s reservoir, with a wrought-iron railing and stone piers that provide a mix of elegance and solidity.
  • Riftstone Arch (72nd Street): Known for its narrow passageway and rough-cut stone, this arch gives the impression of being carved directly out of the bedrock, offering a raw and unfiltered connection to the park’s natural landscape.
  • Willowdell Arch (67th Street): With its detailed brickwork and cobblestone path, Willowdell Arch offers a quaint and picturesque passage framed by lush foliage.
  • Bethesda Terrace: Located in the heart of Central Park, Bethesda Terrace is an architectural marvel featuring two levels united by two grand staircases and a central fountain. The lower terrace is framed by intricate carvings that depict the seasons and times of day. Above, the terrace overlooks the lake, providing a panoramic view of the park against the city skyline.

Each of these locations provides a unique backdrop, from the historical and architectural to the natural and serene, reflecting the diverse character of New York City.

couple under arches at night besthesda terrace central park

My personal favorite option?  Just go outside!

When faced with rainy weather on your wedding day in New York City, there’s no need to scramble for new locations or worry about securing permits for indoor spaces at the last minute. An often overlooked but equally captivating option lies just outside the doors of your hotel or venue: the vibrant city streets of New York themselves. This approach not only simplifies logistics but also embraces the authentic atmosphere of the city, adding an unscripted and exhilarating element to your wedding photos.

Stepping out onto the city streets opens up a world of dynamic backdrops that are inherently imbued with the character and pulse of New York. The rain-soaked sidewalks, the reflective puddles, the soft glow of street lamps, and the bustling city life continuing around you contribute to creating striking, lively images that capture the essence of your special day against the backdrop of an iconic city.

A newly married couple shares a tender kiss in the back seat of a car after their wedding ceremony in New York.

Utilizing the immediate surroundings of your venue or hotel has several advantages. Firstly, it minimizes the need for extensive travel, keeping you and your wedding party more comfortable and dry. You’re not just saving time but also reducing the stress of coordinating between multiple locations under uncertain weather conditions. The familiar vicinity can also offer unexpected photographic gems – from the architectural details of the hotel facade to the unique street art in an adjacent alley or the classic New York City fire escapes. These elements provide a rich tapestry of textures and colors that enhance the narrative of your wedding album.

Moreover, embracing the city streets allows for spontaneous and genuine interactions that can be captured on camera. The congratulations from strangers, the bustling atmosphere, and even the gentle chaos of the city contribute to a lively and authentic celebration of your love. These moments of connection underscore the universality of love and celebration, grounding your wedding day in the reality and warmth of human emotion.

A wedding couple standing under an umbrella in New York.

For couples concerned about comfort, consider using umbrellas as practical tools and stylish accessories. Clear or white umbrellas can add a chic touch to your photos while keeping you dry, and they allow for the soft, natural light to filter through, flattering your features. Additionally, venues often have awnings or overhangs that provide shelter and can be a picturesque setting for intimate portraits.

In essence, choosing to use the immediate outdoor spaces around your venue or hotel is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a statement of resilience and joy. It’s a way to say that your love shines bright, rain or shine, and that the city you’ve chosen to marry is a part of your story. This approach simplifies the day’s logistics and ensures that your wedding photos are imbued with the authenticity, spontaneity, and vibrant energy that only New York City can offer.

A destination wedding photographer captures the intimate moment of a bride and groom embracing under an umbrella.

Staying Comfortable and Dry

Ensuring you stay dry and comfortable during a rainy wedding day in New York City is crucial to maintaining the joy and excitement of your celebration. The unpredictable weather should not dampen the spirits of such a monumental occasion. To combat any discomfort that the rain might bring, it’s essential to think ahead and pack a wedding day emergency kit tailored for wet weather conditions.

First and foremost, towels are indispensable. They can be used to dry off chairs, wipe away water from surfaces before photos, or even dab away moisture from your hair and face, keeping you looking your best. A quick pat down before stepping in front of the camera can ensure that the rain adds only a romantic sheen to your photographs, not a drenched look.

A wedding couple standing on a foggy bridge at Pleasantdale Chateau.

Bringing along a flask of warm coffee or tea, or even hot chocolate, can offer a comforting and warming break amidst the chilly, damp environment. These warm beverages help maintain a comfortable body temperature and provide a moment of cozy reprieve, allowing you and your partner to share a warm, quiet moment together. This can be particularly soothing and romantic, making even a rainy day feel special and intimate.

Beyond these practical considerations, maintaining a positive attitude is the most critical factor to ensure your day remains unforgettable. Rain on your wedding day can create unique, once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities and add a sense of adventure to your nuptials. Embracing the day’s conditions with a smile and seeing the rain as a backdrop to your love story can transform what might have been seen as a setback into a cherished memory.

Remember, your wedding is a profound celebration of love and commitment between you and your partner, an occasion that far transcends the day’s weather. With thoughtful preparation and a resilient, joyful mindset, you can ensure that your wedding day is filled with love, laughter, and beauty, regardless of rain. This approach allows you to focus on what truly matters—celebrating the start of your lives together, rain or shine.

A wedding couple standing in a foggy field at Pleasantdale Chateau.


Rainy day wedding photos in New York City hold the potential for extraordinary beauty and uniqueness. With some preparation and the right mindset, you can turn the weather into an asset rather than a challenge. Embrace the romance of the rain, and let it add to the story of your special day, creating memories that are not only beautiful but truly one-of-a-kind.

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