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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

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A Bowery Hotel NYC Wedding: Why it Outshines Other Venues

Are you looking into a Bowery Hotel NYC wedding? This is the article for you!  If you are looking for a distinctive and standout wedding venue in NYC that oozes sophistication and class and where you can take unique wedding photos, then I believe this is that place!

As an NYC wedding photographer, I am always honored to be part of weddings at this truly special location, and have even written about this venue before. I thought it was time to really focus on why I am such a huge fan!  With so many special wedding venues in NYC, I wanted to show you what makes this stand out and why I feel it enables me to give you those emotive, timeless photographs you expect from your special day. 

So, if you’re ready, read on to discover why I think a Bowery Hotel wedding is truly extraordinary!

wedding couple sat next to each other at the Bowery hotel with additional close up of grooms cuffs being touched by bride.Michelin Hotel Guide – The Bowery Hotel

Firstly, I have to start by mentioning this exciting news. If you are familiar with Michelin Star restaurants, then you may have heard they have now started the hotel version called Michelin Keys! The Michelin Keys are very much like the prestigious restaurant stars, and they highlight the best of the best. The Bowery Hotel has made the list obtaining one Michelin key. This is a truly outstanding achievement and something any hotel would be proud of. 

This year’s U.S. selection includes 11 Three Key hotels, 33 Two Key hotels, and 80 One Key hotels. The Bowery is one that offers itself as a wedding venue, so not only does it provide a beautiful backdrop for your big day but it also ensures an unparalleled level of luxury and service for an unforgettable wedding experience.

As a wedding photographer, I find this incredibly exciting news. After four years of refining their selection process, Michelin now features over 5,000 hotels worldwide, each offering a unique blend of stunning architecture, exceptional service, distinctive character, great value, and memorable guest experiences. The Bowery Hotel truly deserves this accolade.

Why is this so important? The Michelin Key, like the Michelin Star, is a highly sought-after accolade. It’s a badge of honor for any hotel to hold. This means that the hotel itself is a destination with outstanding design, consistent high-quality service, and comfort. It can also mean that the hotel has a character of its own, and that sets it apart from the rest. I can personally vouch for this, having a photographer’s eye for detail. But even more so, you know you have a special place if your hotel and wedding venue holds this award.

wedding table set for Bowery Hotel wedding with same table looking through venue windowBowery Hotel Wedding Photos

As a wedding photographer you KNOW I can’t wait to write about this topic! In my previous article, I have gone into depth about the best locations to take those shots, and if you are interested in that, then read here. But If you want to learn more about why I think wedding photos are just that little bit special here, I will explain why.

The Bowery Hotel is a relatively recent addition to NYC, although you wouldn’t know that from its classic New York and bohemian stylings. This, to me, is why I love photographing weddings at this venue; it lends itself to some amazing theatrical wedding pictures.

My photography style is documentary wedding, but with a modern theatrical take. It’s not to say I don’t love classic wedding photography; there’s always an acknowledgment of this in what I do, but boy, what I can do at this venue is really special! The Bowery Hotel provides locations and vibes that allow me to play to these strengths and create special wedding photographs that not only capture your wedding day but elevate it to the Michelin standards this hotel is known for. 

Who doesn’t want to be the star of their own wedding day? A Bowery Hotel wedding in NYC lets you do just that, making you the stars of your own wedding day movie. The hotel’s dramatic natural light pouring through oversized factory windows enables me to capture genuinely timeless and exciting photographs with a dramatic flair.

The rooms are perfect for creating themed weddings if that’s your desired wedding style. Featuring a pre-war design with salvaged and vintage furniture, the Bowery makes it easy to capture a truly unique wedding. Its distinctive visual style is a wedding photographer’s dream location, and I love photographing here, as you can probably tell!

side by side of bride and grrom looking and smiling at each other at wedding venueThe Bowery Hotel Wedding Cost

The price for having your wedding at this wonderful location isn’t widely publicized. The exclusivity and being part of this hotel’s unique history make it a price worth paying. It is reported that the costs average around $78,000. For their five-hour food and beverage package, the costs are as follows –

125 guest minimum $300/pp

150 guest minimum $290/pp

175 guest minimum $280/pp

(I would always recommend you contact the hotel directly for a personalized quote, as these are offered as a guide based on information that can be found online.) 

There are little venues in and around the hotel that suit your budget. The Gemma Wine Room is one such place, offering an intimate setting for small groups to celebrate. Up to 45 guests can be seated in this exquisite room, and up to 50 for the cocktail reception. You will feel like you have been whisked away to a different era; imagine those photos, wine glass in hand, with the Gemma Wine Room offering such a unique backdrop!

wedding dress on Bowery Hotel rooftop with close up of bridal shoes next to itA Bowery Hotel NYC Wedding Couple: Caroline and Chong

I can sincerely say what a great day I had with Caroline and Chong at their Bowery Hotel NYC wedding. Caroline and Chong were the BEST, and it couldn’t have gone any better. I had great fun revisiting my favorite photograph locations at the Bowery Hotel. Knowing the venue enabled me to assist more clearly with what Carolibe and Chong required from their photographs. Choosing not only the best locations but the best time for light and atmosphere. 

As always, the hotel staff were the epitome of professionalism and reflected this hotel’s notoriety for elegance and luxury. The wedding coordinator, Laura Remmert, deserves a special thanks for making the day seem effortless. Her planning and execution ensured everything ran smoothly, creating a truly dream wedding for the couple.

Married couple dance on Manhattan street in wedding outfitsFinal Thoughts on a Wedding at Bowery Hotel NYC 

There you have it, why having your wedding at The Bowery Hotel is an amazing choice. Not just for the style, Michelin Key, luxury, and sophistication (phew! That is a lot!), but it also offers timeless wedding photography opportunities that are truly unmatched.

So, if you’re looking for an NYC wedding photographer who knows the ins and outs of this beautiful hotel and all the photo opportunities it offers, I would love to chat! You can learn more about my wedding photography services here or head over here to get in touch and chat through your unique vision for your special day. I would love to help make that dream come to life!

If you are interested in reading more about The Bowery Hotel and other NYC wedding venues, then check out my other blog posts below!

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