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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill

Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill in Hudson, NY, is a venue that uniquely blends the rustic charm of a 19th-century farmstead with the sophistication of a modern luxury estate, offering a picturesque setting for weddings. It’s an entirely remarkable space in one of my favorite places along the Hudson River, and it’s a dream to photograph!

Two people sharing an intimate moment amidst lush foliage during their Hudson Valley Wedding at The Hill.

About Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill

Nestled amid horse pastures, woodlands, and fields and offering stunning views, The Hill provides an exclusive, secluded space for your special day. The venue’s signature feature, the historic Palladian Barn, the Art Barn, and the vast, scenic outdoor spaces, caters to intimate gatherings and grand celebrations​.

The Hill’s history adds depth and charm, with its roots going back to 1801 when Henry Walter Livingston established it. Over the years, it has welcomed guests of notable historical significance. It has become a premier wedding venue, celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, including meadows, deep woods, and stunning vistas​.

What sets The Hill apart is not just its beauty and history but also the comprehensive and inclusive services it offers. Couples can expect a range of amenities, from rustic barn settings equipped with modern conveniences to personalized touches, ensuring every detail of their wedding day is catered to. The venue’s commitment to creating a stress-free, memorable experience is evident in its offer of exclusive access over the weekend, accommodating setups and cleanups, and providing experienced staff to assist with the event. The Hill is also pet-friendly and family-oriented, ensuring all guests, including four-legged ones, enjoy the celebration​​​.

A groom in a white shirt and bow tie preparing for Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill by a window.

For those seeking a wedding venue that combines historical elegance with natural beauty and an unwavering commitment to quality and personalization, Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill represents an ideal choice. Its location in Hudson, NY, just a few hours from New York City, also makes it a convenient yet serene getaway for a truly unforgettable wedding weekend​​​.

About the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley, with its sweeping landscapes that merge seamlessly with the majestic Hudson River creates a captivating canvas that has become a coveted destination for weddings. This region is a tapestry of natural splendor and historical richness, offering many venues ranging from grand estates and rustic barns to vineyards and gardens that bloom with every season. It’s where the past and present merge, where the rustic charm of country life meets the sophistication and elegance that many couples seek for their special day.

The allure of the Hudson Valley for weddings lies not just in its visual appeal but in the stories and history embedded within its hills and structures. This region has been a muse and a retreat for artists and thinkers for centuries, imbued with a sense of tranquility and inspiration that is palpable at every turn. This blend of beauty and serenity makes it an ideal backdrop for celebrations of love and commitment.

Two people holding hands in a Hudson Valley forest clearing, captured in a black and white photograph.

Moreover, the Hudson Valley’s proximity to major cities like New York provides an accessible escape to a setting that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Couples and their guests can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the valley, making it not just a wedding location but a weekend destination, where the wedding becomes a part of a more enormous, memorable experience.

The culinary scene in the Hudson Valley also adds to its appeal as a wedding destination. Renowned for its farm-to-table dining, the area offers an abundance of fresh, local produce that can be tailored into bespoke menus, providing a gastronomic experience that complements the natural beauty and the personal touches of the wedding celebrations.

The Hudson Valley offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical depth, culinary excellence, and accessibility, making it an enchanting choice for couples looking to celebrate their union. It’s a region that promises a venue and an experience—a place where memories are woven into the landscape, and each wedding feels as timeless as the valley itself.

A gourmet appetizer served on a wooden plate accompanied by two shot glasses of soup, with a decorative vase of ferns and flowers in the background, perfectly designed for Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill

Lodging near Hudson Valley Weddings at the Hill

The Hudson Valley, with its picturesque landscapes and rich history, is home to various hotels catering to luxury-minded wedding guests seeking a serene getaway for your wedding weekend. Here is a list of ten popular regional hotels known for their exceptional service, unique charm, and commitment to providing an unforgettable experience.

  • The Mohonk Mountain House: Nestled in New Paltz, this iconic resort offers stunning views of the Catskill Mountains and Lake Mohonk. Renowned for its comprehensive wellness programs and outdoor activities, it’s a haven for those seeking rejuvenation amidst nature.
  • The Roundhouse: Located in Beacon, this boutique hotel features modern, stylish rooms with views of the waterfall on Fishkill Creek. It’s known for its excellent dining experience and proximity to contemporary art galleries, making it a favorite among art enthusiasts.
  • Hotel Kinsley: Situated in the heart of Kingston, this hotel combines modern luxury with historical charm, spread across several restored buildings. Each room is uniquely designed, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Hudson Valley.
  • The Maker: In Hudson, this hotel stands out for its eclectic design, inspired by the creators’ backgrounds in fashion and magazine publishing. It’s a celebration of artistry, with rooms that showcase bespoke furnishings and curated artworks.
  • Glenmere Mansion: This Chester-based luxury hotel is set in a Tuscan-style villa, offering an exclusive retreat with just 18 guest accommodations. Known for its sumptuous rooms, spa services, and gourmet dining, it’s a favorite for romantic getaways.
  • The Hasbrouck House: This boutique hotel in Stone Ridge offers a blend of rustic charm and contemporary luxury, set within a beautifully restored 18th-century Dutch Colonial mansion. With sprawling gardens and a farm-to-table restaurant, it’s a peaceful retreat for nature lovers.
  • The Inn at Hudson: This majestic Downton Abbey-style inn provides an intimate setting with meticulously designed rooms that blend antique elegance with modern comforts. It’s known for its warm hospitality and gourmet breakfasts.
  • The Rivertown Lodge: Housed in a converted movie theater in Hudson, this hotel is celebrated for its minimalist design and communal atmosphere. It’s a hotspot for creative minds, offering a cozy retreat with a home-away-from-home vibe.
  • Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa: Located in Milton, this inn and spa is 75 acres along the Hudson River, featuring a working farm and lush gardens. It’s a sanctuary for those seeking wellness, focusing on sustainability and organic cuisine.
  • Zabriskie House: Part of the Auberge Resorts Collection in Hudson, this hotel offers luxurious accommodations in a historic setting. It combines old-world charm with modern amenities, providing a sophisticated base for exploring the cultural and natural beauty of the Hudson Valley.

Each hotel offers a unique experience, embracing the region’s natural beauty and historical significance while providing upscale accommodations and services tailored to discerning travelers.

Elegant Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill setting with decorative floral arrangements and name cards on a rustic table, alongside a close-up of colorful tableware and glassware.

Locations for photos at Hudson Valley Weddings at the Hill

While there is virtually no reason to leave Hudson Valley Weddings at the Hill for your wedding day photos (have you seen this location?), other popular photo locations near Hudson can include:

  • Olana State Historic Site: The home and studio of famed Hudson River School painter Frederic Edwin Church boasts panoramic views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains, providing a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos.
  • Warren Street in Downtown Hudson: This historic main street is lined with beautifully preserved Victorian buildings, antique shops, and art galleries, offering a charming urban setting for wedding photos.
  • Hudson Riverfront Park: Capture the beauty of the Hudson River as your backdrop. The park’s green spaces and the vast expanse of the river make it perfect for romantic shots.
  • Hudson-Athens Lighthouse: Just a short drive (or boat ride) from Hudson, this lighthouse provides a picturesque setting on the Hudson River, ideal for those seeking nautical or historical themes.
  • Art Omi: Located in nearby Ghent, Art Omi is an arts center with outdoor sculptures set across 120 acres of fields and woods. The contemporary art installations amidst natural beauty offer a unique juxtaposition for wedding photos.
  • Taconic Orchards: Consider the apple orchards and farm scenery for a rustic and natural setting. The rows of trees and open fields can create a serene and pastoral backdrop.
  • Basilica Hudson: This industrial event space in a reclaimed 19th-century factory offers a blend of rustic and industrial chic settings for outdoor wedding photos.
  • High Falls Conservation Area: Just a short drive from Hudson, this conservation area features a beautiful waterfall and wooded trails, perfect for nature-inspired wedding photos.
  • Clermont State Historic Site: Offering views of the Hudson River against the backdrop of the Catskill Mountains, the grounds of this historic estate feature gardens, woodlands, and a sense of tranquility, perfect for capturing timeless wedding day moments.
  • Mount Merino Manor: This beautiful bed and breakfast is in a private, wooded area near Hudson, offering stunning views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. The Victorian architecture, combined with the sprawling lawns and garden areas, provides a romantic and serene setting for wedding photos, capturing the elegance and tranquility of the Hudson Valley landscape.

Each location offers its own unique charm, providing a range of backdrops from natural landscapes to historic architecture, ensuring that your wedding photos will be as memorable as the day itself.

A black and white photo from Hudson Valley Weddings at The Hill depicts a joyful bridal party walking outdoors, with the bride and groom leading the way, smiling.


Choosing the right photographer for your wedding at The Hill in Hudson Valley is crucial. The venue’s beauty is undeniable, but capturing the essence of your special day requires more than just a good camera—it demands an eye for detail and an understanding of the moment’s emotion. This is where my expertise comes in.

I specialize in Hudson Valley weddings, particularly at The Hill. My approach is straightforward and focused on authenticity. I strive to capture the genuine moments of your day: the spontaneous laughter, the tears of joy, and the dynamic energy of the celebration. My familiarity with The Hill allows me to utilize its landscapes to enhance your photographs, ensuring they are as breathtaking as the venue.

My commitment to you is not just professional photography but a personalized experience that reflects your unique story. I focus on creating images that resonate with the essence of your relationship and the spirit of your wedding day. With a blend of technical skill and creative vision, I ensure that each photo captures your celebration’s beauty, emotion, and moments.

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