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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Venue Guide

Pleasantdale Chateau, located at 757 Eagle Rock Ave, West Orange, New Jersey 07052, has long been renowned as a premier wedding venue. This Pleasantdale Chateau Wedding Venue Guide will detail all of the reasons why I love photographing weddings here so very much!

A couple stands on a bridge enveloped in fog with a gentle backlight at their Pleasantdale Chateau wedding.

About Pleasantdale Chateau

This historical estate, built in the early 20th century, offers a captivating blend of old-world charm, architectural beauty, and modern elegance. The first time I worked here, I was completely mesmerized by the space’s drama, and I still feel that sense of theatrical possibility every time.

What I love about working here are the fascinating details of Pleasantdale Chateau, including the layout, design, and various extraordinary photo locations within the venue.

One of the details I adore is the venue’s historical aspect. Pleasantdale Chateau’s history dates back to the early 1900s. It was designed and built by Charles Walter Nichols, a prominent architect known for his work on many grand estates in the region. The Chateau’s architectural style combines elements of Norman and Tudor design with intricate details and craftsmanship that create a sense of timeless grandeur.

An indoor pool at Pleasantdale Chateau in a luxurious setting with arched doorways and a person standing at the far end, silhouetted against a glowing window.

The Pleasantdale Chateau Grounds

I cannot say enough fantastic things about the grounds. Spread across 40 acres of lush, manicured gardens and woodlands, Pleasantdale Chateau offers a serene and enchanting environment for wedding celebrations. The venue features picturesque walking paths, a pond, and numerous parks, which allow ample opportunities to explore and capture stunning photographs throughout the event.

A diptych of Pleasantdale Chateau wedding moments: on the left, a bride in traditional south asian attire with an ornate veil; on the right, a couple in western wedding attire sharing

The Main Chateau

Pleasantdale Chateau’s heart is the main building, which houses the reception hall, dining rooms, and guest suites. With its grand entrance, sweeping staircases, and beautifully appointed rooms, this setting sets the stage for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Pleasantdale Chateau Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom is the Chateau’s crown jewel, featuring towering ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and hand-painted murals that evoke regal refinement. With ample space to accommodate up to 400 guests, the Ballroom provides a unique and gorgeous backdrop for a lavish wedding reception.

A bride and groom walk hand-in-hand as wedding guests applaud their union.

The Pleasantdale Chateau Conservatory

Adjacent to the Grand Ballroom is the Conservatory, a bright and airy space with a glass ceiling, walls of windows, and an abundance of natural light. Ideal for smaller ceremonies or cocktail receptions, the Conservatory offers a more intimate setting within the grand estate. It’s also an excellent spot for photos.

A bride and groom share a tender moment in a sunlit greenhouse at Pleasantdale Chateau.

Photo Locations at Pleasantdale Chateau:

It’s almost impossible to list Pleasantdale’s many locations for photos, but I’ll try!

  • The Gardens: Pleasantdale Chateau’s meticulously landscaped gardens provide numerous picturesque backdrops for wedding photographs. Each area, from the rose garden to the lush green lawns, offers a gorgeous and romantic setting.
  • The Pond and Bridge: Pleasantdale Chateau’s pond, surrounded by a canopy of trees and accompanied by a charming stone bridge, creates a fairy-tale-like atmosphere for wedding photos. The reflective water and natural beauty of the surroundings make this location ideal for capturing images of you two together, your wedding party, and your families. It’s also a fabulous place to be on a foggy day!
  • The Grand Staircase: The grand staircase within the main Chateau offers an elegant and timeless setting for wedding portraits. With its sweeping curves, ornate railings, and luxurious red carpet, the staircase embodies the opulence of the venue, making it an ideal spot for dramatic photos.
  • The Ballroom: The Grand Ballroom, with its high ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and hand-painted murals, provides a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos. The grandeur of the space, coupled with its intricate details, creates a sense of drama and sophistication that translates beautifully in photographs.
  • The Conservatory: The light-filled Conservatory offers an exceptional and enchanting setting for wedding photos, with its glass ceiling, walls of windows, and lush greenery. Natural light and airy ambiance make this space ideal for rainy-day photography!  It’s a perfect place for a first look and a fantastic choice for photos of you two, your families, and your wedding party.
  • The Pool: The indoor pool is housed within a well-designed space, featuring a high, domed ceiling with skylights that allow natural light to filter in. The pool is a large, heated expanse surrounded by a beautifully tiled deck, providing guests with a comfortable and relaxing environment.  It’s also just a surreal, quirky space ideal for wedding day couples or group photos.

A bride in traditional South Asian attire, featuring intricate jewelry and detailed embroidery, captured in a serene, contemplative moment with a reflective background at her Pleasantdale Chateau wedding.

Excellent customer service

Beyond photo locations, Pleasantdale Chateau is renowned for its exceptional culinary offerings. It provides a bespoke dining experience tailored to the tastes and preferences of the wedding couple. The in-house team of expert chefs and event planners work closely with the couple to create a customized menu that reflects their unique tastes and seasonal ingredients.

Working with a reliable and professional vendor team significantly eases my job as a wedding photographer, allowing me to focus on capturing images instead of wrangling logistics. When vendors such as event planners, caterers, florists, and makeup artists come together seamlessly, it creates a well-coordinated and smooth-running event. The dedicated team of event planners, servers, and staff at Pleasantdale Chateau are committed to providing exceptional service and attention to detail. This is throughout the wedding planning process and the event itself. This personalized approach ensures that every couple’s wedding day unfolds seamlessly, creating an unforgettable experience. I love this extraordinary attention to personal detail. I especially adore the team here. They’re such a treat to work with.

Elegant table setting with floral centerpiece in a dimly lit room for a Pleasantdale Chateau wedding.

In conclusion…

Pleasantdale Chateau in New Jersey is a testament to the enduring allure of grand estates and the timeless appeal of classic architecture. With its captivating design, enchanting grounds, and luxurious amenities, this historical venue offers the most stunning setting for an unforgettable wedding celebration. The estate’s numerous picturesque locations, including the gardens, pond, grand staircase, ballroom, and conservatory, provide couples with many options for capturing the magic of their special day in stunning photographs. As a premier wedding destination, Pleasantdale Chateau delivers an unparalleled experience that combines beauty, elegance, and sophistication – all things I love very much!

A bride and groom walk hand-in-hand as wedding guests applaud their union.

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