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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

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Riverside Farm Wedding Photos

In my history as a wedding photographer, I can confidently say there is nothing quite like Riverside Farm wedding photos. Located in Pittsfield, Vermont, Riverside Farm combines rustic charm with contemporary amenities, creating an ideal setting for capturing memorable wedding moments. Let’s see how this gorgeous destination wedding venue consistently delivers the perfect backdrop for couples on their wedding day.

Outdoor wedding ceremony at Riverside Farm with guests and a couple exchanging vows, set against a backdrop of hills and a sunlit sky.

About Pittsfield, Vermont

Pittsfield, Vermont, is a small, picturesque town in Rutland County. With just around 500 people, it epitomizes the charm and tranquility of rural New England. This town is known for its natural beauty, surrounded by lush forests and scenic mountain landscapes, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Pittsfield is somewhat off the beaten path, which adds to its appeal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The area offers a range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and skiing, with the Green Mountains providing a stunning backdrop for all kinds of recreational pursuits.

The community of Pittsfield is tight-knit and friendly. It is characterized by a laid-back lifestyle and a strong connection to the environment. The community hosts several local events and festivals that reflect its community spirit and local traditions.

Economically, tourism broadly supports Pittsfield, with visitors drawn to its serene environment and outdoor recreation opportunities. The company also has a few local businesses and farms that contribute to its economy, maintaining its rural character while providing for the community. Pittsfield offers a peaceful retreat and a genuine taste of Vermont’s charm.

Split image of hors d'oeuvres on a wooden board and rows of small maple syrup bottles on a shelf at a Riverside Farm wedding.

About Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm, located in Pittsfield, Vermont, is a notable site with a rich history. Orignally established in the 1700s, the property functioned as a working farm for centuries, contributing to the local agricultural community. Over the years, it has evolved significantly, transitioning from its traditional farming roots into a distinguished venue for events, particularly weddings.

Riverside Farm‘s transformation into a luxury event space began when it was purchased and renovated to preserve its rustic charm while incorporating modern luxury and amenities. This blend of historic elements with contemporary conveniences makes it a unique and attractive location for significant events.

Today, Riverside Farm is well-regarded for its stunning landscapes, elegant barns, and meticulously maintained grounds, all set against the backdrop of the Green Mountains. It offers a picturesque and versatile setting that appeals to couples looking for a distinctive and upscale venue for their wedding. The farm’s ability to provide a private, exclusive experience has made it a sought-after destination for weddings and other special occasions.

A bride walks towards a red barn at a Riverside Farm wedding in a rustic setting, followed by four young flower girls in white dresses, with the sun setting behind hills.

Places to stay near Riverside Farm

While lodging is available at Riverside itself, it’s helpful to have a comprehensive list of other places for guests to stay for your wedding weekend.

Here are places to stay, each offering its unique charm and located within a reasonable distance from Riverside Farm:

  1. Amee Farm Lodge—Located less than a mile from Riverside Farm, Amee Farm Lodge is a restored farmhouse with rustic charm. It features comfortable, country-style rooms with a touch of elegance, perfect for relaxing in a serene environment. The lodge is also known for its welcoming hospitality and scenic views of the Vermont landscape.
  2. The Trailside Inn—Approximately 3 miles from Riverside Farm, this inn is ideal for guests who appreciate a more modern aesthetic in a natural setting. The Railside Inn offers a variety of room types, including family suites and deluxe rooms, all designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. It’s a spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities, as it’s near several hiking and biking trails.
  3. Swiss Farm Inn—A cozy bed and breakfast about 4 miles away, Swiss Farm Inn promises a homey atmosphere with its family-run vibe and hearty, homemade breakfasts. Know for its friendly service and delicious food, it’s a light choice for guests looking for a quaint and comfortable stay.
  4. Clear River Inn – Located roughly 5 miles from Riverside Farm, Clear River Inn blends traditional inn comfort with a hint of motel convenience. It offers an on-site bar and restaurant and provides a laid-back setting where guests can unwind after a day of festivities.
  5. The Mountain Top Inn & Resort – Situated about 15 miles from Riverside Farm, this resort offers a more luxurious stay. With stunning views of the Green Mountains, a range of room types, and numerous amenities, including a spa, equestrian center, and outdoor activities, it’s for those who want a full-service experience in a spectacular mountain setting.

These accommodations provide convenience for events at Riverside Farm and offer a variety of atmospheres, from rustic to modern, ensuring that every guest finds a comfortable place to stay.

A family portrait outdoors with two adults and seven children, wearing formal attire at a Riverside Farm wedding, standing and sitting in front of trees with autumn foliage.

Weddings at Riverside Farm

Weddings at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont, are celebrated in an environment that combines rustic charm with sophisticated design, tailored to provide couples with a memorable and intimate experience.

Getting Ready:

Riverside Farm offers distinct preparation areas for each partner. These spaces are designed with comfort and elegance, featuring natural light and tasteful furnishings that complement the farm’s scene. The rooms are spacious and equipped with ample mirrors and seating, ensuring a relaxed and luxurious setting for getting ready.

Black and white diptych image from a Riverside Farm wedding, showing a wedding dress hanging in a doorway and a close-up of a bride's feet in high heels.

Ceremony Spaces:

Couples can choose from several picturesque locations for their ceremony:

  1. The Meadow: An open, natural space surrounded by lush greenery, ideal for larger gatherings and offering spectacular mountain views.
  2. The Barn: A beautifully restored barn provides a rustic yet elegant backdrop, perfect for an indoor ceremony with a timeless charm.
  3. The Pond: For a serene setting, the pond area is surrounded by trees and offers a tranquil ambiance, suitable for those who dream of a water-feature backdrop.

Reception Spaces:

  1. The Red Barn: This classic space embodies a quintessential barn reception, with exposed beams and lofty ceilings that offer a grand yet warm atmosphere.
  2. The Brown Barn: Smaller and more intimate, this barn is suited for receptions with fewer guests, featuring beautiful wooden interiors that create a cozy, inviting environment.
  3. Outdoor Tents: Available during warmer months, tents can be set up on the property grounds, allowing for a customizable outdoor reception under the stars.

Each space at Riverside Farm is meticulously maintained, blending natural beauty with functionality to accommodate various wedding styles and sizes. This ensures that every couple can create their ideal day.

A bride and groom share their first dance at a Riverside Farm wedding in a rustic hall with wooden beams and onlookers seated around.

Wedding photo locations at Riverside Farm

Riverside Farm stands out as a premier wedding venue for its exceptional service and facilities and its diverse and picturesque photo opportunities. The venue offers a variety of stunning locations that cater to every couplcouple’sre for unique and memorable wedding photos. Here is an extensive look at some of the prime spots within Riverside Farm for capturing those special moments:

1. The Barns:

Riverside Farm is renowned for its beautifully restored barns, which serve as ceremony and reception spaces and stunning backdrops for photography. The Arns boast a rustic charm with their weathered wood, large beams, and soft, ambient lighting. The texture of the wooden interiors adds a warm, romantic feel to photos, while the exteriors, with their classic barn silhouettes against the Vermont sky, create a timeless rural aesthetic.

2. The Meadow:

The expansive meadow at Riverside Farm offers a natural canvas that is exceptionally breathtaking in the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. This open space, surrounded by rolling hills and distant mountains, provides a serene setting. The natural gradients of the sky and the vibrant greens of the landscape during summer or the rich hues of fall foliage offer a dynamic and colorful backdrop for any wedding album.

Silhouetted couple with a vibrant sunset and mountains in the background at a Riverside Farm wedding, highlighting a romantic scene.

3. The Covered Bridge:

A quintessentially New England feature, the covered bridge on the property is ideal for intimate photos. The structure adds a historic and charming element to images, and the enclosed space creates beautifully framed shots that focus on the couple. The light filtering through the bridge’s slats casts interesting patterns and brings a magical element to any photograph.

4. The Pond and Streams:

Water features always add a sense of tranquility and reflection to photographs, and Riverside Farm’s streams are no exception. The calm waters mirror the beauty of the surrounding nature and sky, creating opportunities for stunning symmetrical shots. Coupes can be photographed on the banks or even in a small boat on the pond, adding a whimsical and romantic narrative to their wedding photos.

5. The Gardens:

The gardens at Riverside Farm are meticulously kept and provide a lush setting for wedding photos. With various flowers blooming in different seasons, the gardens offer a vibrant palette of colors and textures. The path winding through the gardens creates natural leading lines that guide the eye through the composition of each photo, making the gardens not just a backdrop but an integral part of each shot.

6. The Orchard:

The orchard’s rows of trees provide a rustic and whimsical backdrop. In a ring, the blossoming trees are particularly breathtaking, adding softness and romance to photos. In autumn, the changing leaves provide a colorful backdrop, giving photos a warm, inviting glow. The intimate perspective of the trees adds depth to photographs, making the orchard a versatile location for both close-up portraits and expansive landscape shots.

Bride reading a letter alone and newlyweds joyfully walking hand in hand at a Riverside Farm wedding.

7. The Mountain Views:

One of Riverside Farm’s most spectacular features is the backdrop of the Green Mountains. The weeping vistas are breathtaking and offer a dramatic and majestic backdrop for wedding photos. Capturing images against the mountain scenery can give photographs a grand, cinematic quality, perfect for showcasing the scale and beauty of the natural surroundings.

8. Architectural Elements:

Beyond natural beauty, Riverside Farm also features interesting architectural elements like stone walls, wooden fences, and antique farm equipment. These elements add texture and a sense of place to photos, grounding them in the venue’s farm setting.

Each location within Riverside Farm offers its own unique beauty and character, making the venue a treasure trove of photographic opportunities. Couples can capture a range of moods and settings, from intimate and serene to grand and majestic, all within the confines of this versatile property.

A bride and groom walk through a tunnel of guests holding sparklers at a nighttime Riverside Farm wedding reception.

Why I love photographing weddings at Riverside Farm

Photographing weddings at Riverside Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont, is something I truly cherish as a professional photographer. The revenue’s distinct blend of rustic elegance and natural beauty provides an ideal location for capturing a wedding day’s profound and quietly joyful moments.

One of the primary reasons I love working at Riverside Farm is its diverse photographic environment. Each setting presents unique photographic opportunities, from the grandeur of the barns to the serene meadows. The variety of backdrops means that the vigor of visual showcases every couple’s sense of style and tone.

The covered bridge and the gardens are personal favorites for smaller, more intimate shots. The farm features lend a sense of privacy and intimacy, perfect for those quieter moments away from the bustle of the day. In these spaces, the couple gets some quiet time alone.  It is photographically excellent, yes, but seeing my clients get some time just to be together is fabulous.

Moreover, the natural flow of the farm contributes to my ease of work. The proximity of the various photographic spots means I can smoothly transition from one setting to another, capturing the day without losing time or momentum. This is crucial in wedding photography, where every moment counts and the day moves quickly.

Lastly, there’s a certain vibe at Riverside Farm that resonates deeply with me—the sense of history, the tangible feeling of love that seems embedded in the very landscape, and the warmth of the staff and setting. It makes every wedding feel uniquely special and deeply personal, not just for the couple but for everyone involved, including myself as the photographer.

In essence, photographing weddings at Riverside Farm is profoundly gratifying. I love traveling for weddings, especially to somewhere as sweetly perfect as Vermont!

A misty outdoor scene at Riverside Farm featuring a wooden directional signpost listing various wedding venues like "cocktails," "reception," and "stables," next to a muddy path and a wooden


In summary, Riverside Farm stands out as a premier choice for capturing wedding photos, combining VermonVermont’sal beauty with well-designed facilities catering to various tastes and styles. Each corner of the farm offers a unique backdrop that enhances the visual story of the day. For couples planning their wedding, Riverside Farm provides not just a venue but a picturesque setting that naturally enriches the photographic experience, ensuring that your wedding photos will be as timeless as your memories. If you’re looking for a venue that brings both charm and character to your wedding photos, Riverside Farm is a location that truly delivers.

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