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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Stonover Farm Wedding

Stonover Farm Wedding

Who? : Suzanna + Pat

Where?  Stonover Farm, Lenox, Massachusetts

When? : June 2019

As wedding photographers, we write a lot.  We write instagram captions, we write blogs, we write information for our websites.  We work hard to put words to paper (or screen) to describe the incredible humans that come in and out of our lives.  We look for new words to describe how people look at each other – how do you do that when every wedding is different, and every couple truly is special?  How do you describe the perfect tapestry that is the way two unique individuals love each other?  We write and rewrite, we use our images to illustrate, and we can only hope that the love that we feel for our clients can be received and understood.

Suz and Pat, though?  These two have broken me.   I like to think I’m a good writer, I like to think I can describe with words what I feel and see.  But…I got nothing today, y’all.  All I have is eyes that keep filling up with tears when I think of their ceremony, ears still ringing from the sounds of Pat’s family’s voices, and a huge heart that can’t contain all of the crazy feelings from their day.  For once, I have NO WORDS.  Just pictures.  And a lot of love for two incredible people who are really, honestly, that much better together.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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Stonover Farm: Rustic Elegance in the Heart of the Berkshires

A wedding at Stonover Farm offers a blend of rustic charm and elegant sophistication, nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Berkshires. This idyllic farm, with its rich history and stunning natural surroundings, provides a serene and beautiful setting for couples seeking a unique and intimate wedding experience.

The Enchantment of Stonover Farm

Stonover Farm, situated in the scenic countryside, exudes a sense of peaceful seclusion and rustic beauty. The farm, with its historic barn, charming duck pond, and sprawling grounds, creates a backdrop that is both pastoral and elegant. The meticulously restored barn, with its high ceilings, exposed beams, and warm wood tones, offers a space that is both grand and inviting.

The outdoor areas of the farm, including the picturesque pond and the beautifully landscaped gardens, provide a natural setting for both ceremonies and receptions. These spaces allow couples to immerse themselves and their guests in the beauty of the Berkshires, surrounded by lush greenery and the tranquil sounds of nature.

Photographic Memories Amidst Rustic Beauty

For wedding photography, Stonover Farm presents a canvas of natural and rustic elements. The barn, with its blend of historical charm and modern amenities, provides a variety of visually appealing backdrops, from the rustic exterior to the elegant interior. The natural light that streams through the barn’s large windows creates a soft, romantic ambiance, perfect for capturing the joy and emotion of the day.

The farm’s outdoor spaces, with their natural beauty and serene atmosphere, offer endless opportunities for stunning photographs. The tranquil pond, framed by willow trees and wildflowers, creates a dreamy setting for intimate portraits. The open fields and the backdrop of the Berkshires’ rolling hills provide a majestic and timeless landscape for capturing the essence of a countryside wedding.

A Personalized Wedding Experience

Stonover Farm is more than just a venue; it’s a place where couples can create a wedding that reflects their personal style and vision. The farm offers the flexibility to customize the space, from elegant outdoor tents to cozy fireside gatherings. The intimate setting of the farm ensures that each wedding is a personal and unique celebration.

The attentive staff at Stonover Farm are dedicated to making each wedding a seamless and memorable event. Their commitment to detail and personalized service ensures that every aspect of the wedding, from the setting to the cuisine, is in perfect harmony with the couple’s wishes.

Embracing the Charm of the Berkshires

Choosing Stonover Farm for a wedding means embracing the charm and beauty of the Berkshires. It’s a celebration that is deeply connected to the natural splendor and rustic elegance of the region. In this tranquil countryside setting, couples can create a wedding that is as enchanting and unique as their love story. At Stonover Farm, every moment becomes a cherished memory, set against the backdrop of one of New England’s most picturesque landscapes.

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