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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Tribeca Rooftop Fall Wedding

Wedding rings at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Groom getting ready at Tribeca Rooftop wedding Groom and Dad getting ready at Tribeca Rooftop wedding Two grooms get ready at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Grooms having a first look at Teardrop Park before their Tribeca Rooftop wedding Two grooms taking wedding day portraits in Teardrop Park Two grooms taking wedding portraits in the fall colors of Teardrop Park in New York Tribeca Rooftop wedding portraits in the fall with beautiful fall foliage Black and white portrait of two grooms in New York's teardrop park Grooms on TriBeCa cobblestone streets with a vintage New York taxicab on their wedding day Two grooms in a black and white portrait in a vintage NYC taxicab Rooftop decor and setup for an outdoor Tribeca Rooftop wedding Signing of the ketubah at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Two grooms kiss after signing their ketubah at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Two grooms sign their ketubah indoors at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Family members watch a ceremony at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Groom walks down the aisle with his mother at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Groom walks down the aisle with his mother and father at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Processional on the rooftop of a Tribeca Rooftop wedding ceremony Grooms circle each other in front of a flower arch at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Rooftop view during a NYC wedding ceremony Grooms saying their vows at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Grooms walk down the aisle in a shower of petals at a Tribeca Rooftop wedding Reception decor Tribeca Rooftop wedding Reception lighting Tribeca Rooftop wedding Cake Tribeca Rooftop wedding Table decoration and lighted backdrop curtain Tribeca Rooftop wedding Reception ballroom in black and white Tribeca Rooftop wedding Rooftops, city views, weddings…They all obviously go hand in hand to create the most magical and luxurious events and make perfect memories for you to reminisce on with your partner. Luckily, Tribeca Rooftop has a rooftop with city views and hosts weddings in their event space! The outstanding Tribeca Rooftop wedding venue ensures a spectacular event of a lifetime.

About The Tribeca Rooftop Wedding Venue

Tribeca Rooftop is one of New York City’s premier event companies. It has developed a well-earned reputation for outstanding culinary expertise, impeccable service, and warm hospitality. They commit themselves to giving you and your guests exceptional service and memorable experiences. This chic industrial venue resides in the chic downtown neighborhood of Tribeca, New York City. 

Located on a cobblestone street in a 1920s printing press building, Tribeca Rooftop is ideal for producing a highly personalized atmosphere for your extraordinary wedding. The spectacular enclosed glass atrium and enlarged windowed walls offer a fantastic backdrop for your ceremony. At Tribeca rooftop, they believe love is love and welcome all celebrations. They are also committed to sustainability and limiting food waste. 

Details of the Grounds

Tribeca Rooftop offers a spectacular view, in-house catering, and an operations manager to help create your perfect event. The Tribeca Rooftop event venue can seat a minimum of 150 guests and a maximum of 325 guests. Tribeca Rooftop can hold 720 guests during a cocktail hour, 325 guests during an indoor ceremony, and 300 guests during an outdoor ceremony. Tribeca Rooftop also has bridal suites on-site, making it convenient for the bridal party to prepare themselves for the big day! 

Photography Opportunities

There is an abundance of photography opportunities at Tribeca Rooftop! The event space itself has a beautiful skylight, allowing natural light or the bright starry sky to peer through and shine down on the beautiful layout. The tall ceilings offer an open but inviting environment, perfect for creating an airy and light aura. Tribeca Rooftop also has a lovely outdoor rooftop overlooking parts of the city! 

Just imagine you and your soon-to-be spouse overlooking the city while getting the perfect portrait shot of both of you. Or your first dance together, embracing each other on the sizeable stunning cherry wood dance floor, offering a timeless image to be taken! There are endless possibilities as to what kind of photos you want to create and capture regarding your wedding day! 

Wedding Details

Tribeca Rooftop offers a variety of amenities included with its wedding services. The rooftop is a 14,000-square-foot dedicated terrace for ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and pre-event photos. Additionally, Tribeca Rooftop offers a 15,000-square-foot interior event space customized to your specific event needs. There’s also a 25-foot glass-enclosed atrium, a 1,100 square-foot cherry wood dance floor, beautiful 12 feet high ceilings with an in-house pin spot lighting system, and a private entrance with dedicated attendant elevators. The amenities at Tribeca Rooftop also include valet parking, a dedicated elevator attendant, the opportunity to customize branded exterior and interior signage, seasonal menus, a bridal suite, on-site events manager to coordinate with the day of outside vendors, an in-house lounge, tables, furniture, Chiavari chairs and linen, and high-speed Internet. 

Beautiful spaces and sensational menus are just the beginning at Tribeca Rooftop. The venue focuses equally on staff presence and service, understanding that perfect execution is a must for every event. They take great pride in the people they choose to run your event, making one of the best in-house service teams in New York City. More importantly, Tribeca Rooftop is a supporter of Rethink Food, a nonprofit with the mission to produce a more sustainable and equitable food system. When hosting an event at Tribeca Rooftop, you can ensure that all excess food is repurposed to provide meals for food-insecure communities across New York City.

The Food

Tribeca Rooftop also provides sample menus, which offer different options for either spring/summer or fall/winter. For their spring/summer menu, cocktail hour is passed around Butler style and can include:

  • saffron shrimp,
  • Pekin duck spring rolls,
  • mini lobster rolls, and
  • much more.

Cocktail stations can consist of a Mediterranean table, sushi bar, sushi and sashimi, dim sum station, raw bar, and a Martini bar. The first course consists of watermelon, Greek feta, and heirloom tomato tower. As for the main course, you have options of:

  • grilled filet mignon,
  • seared striped bass, and
  • creamy polenta cakes.

For dessert, Tribeca Rooftop offers custom-made wedding cakes consisting of layers of moist, European-style sponge cake, alternating with fillings to mirror your vision and unique style. 

Your wedding cake will be the ultimate finale to your celebrations, with various cake flavors, cake filling flavors, and cake icing flavors available. There’s also an open bar available. As for the fall/winter menu, the cocktail hour is also passed around butler style and can include:

  • New Zealand lamb chops,
  • truffle grilled cheese sandwiches,
  • classic Maryland crab cakes, and
  • much more.

Cocktail stations include a Mediterranean table, sushi bar, sushi and sashimi, dim sum station, smoked fish and caviar table, and a martini bar. The first course consists of fresh Burrata mozzarella and heirloom tomato salad. 

The main course varies from a steakhouse filet, maple-glazed Chilean sea bass, and creamy polenta cakes. The dessert is the same as the spring/summer menu. The Tribeca Rooftop wedding package includes this extensive and detailed menu. The package also consists of:

  • the location,
  • staff,
  • door person,
  • the premium open bar,
  • pin spotting for dinner tables,
  • in-house tables,
  • in-house linen,
  • in-house chairs,
  • in-house china,
  • in-house glassware, and
  • votive candles. 

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

If you’re looking for a luxurious, in-house, catered rooftop wedding, Tribeca Rooftop offers the perfect venue! The Tribeca Rooftop wedding venue offers a chic, industrial-style space with gorgeous photo ops and exceptional service. Work out all your details by contacting them through their contact page on their website. 


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