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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Wedding at 501 Union

Wedding at 501 Union

Who? : Jill + David

What? : Preparations at home and a downtown Brooklyn hotel.  Portraits at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception at a wedding venue in Gowanus.

Where?  501 Union

When? : October 2018

Family.  Family is everything.  To watch Jill and David with their families is to watch true joy, true love, and true community.  From David’s brilliant daughters to Jill’s dads walking her down the aisle together, heartfelt toasts to oh no, I’m crying again, thanks David vows, the entire day was extraordinarily moving, welcoming  and nearly explosive with joy.

It’s often hard to put wedding days into words.  I get to witness amazing things and amazing people, week in and week out.  Some people, however, radiate a little extra light into the world.  Jill and David are two such people.  As I took mental notes during the day so I could remember the event, the people, and what in the world I could say in a blog post later, things like David is an extraordinary father and I just want to hug Jill so hard every time she smiles kept imprinting themselves on my mind.  These two – they are completely special human beings.  You know what I mean – those people that just turn the lights up in the room when they walk in, push the frequency to a warmer level, the ones you just have to know and how amazing these families found each other and can I get myself invited to their next party?

During his vows, David told Jill to look at the people around them, naming how special each person was.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, mine included.  I hope the both of them keep looking around, and at each other, for the rest of their lives.  How loved they are.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding

I started my day at David and Jill’s house, where David got ready with some people very near and dear to his heart.  David has two daughters who are absolute miracles, and they then traveled to the hotel to meet up with Jill while she got ready.

hampton inn brooklyn wedding

hampton inn brooklyn wedding
Jill got ready at a Hampton Inn near Brooklyn Bridge Park that I would gladly move into tomorrow. You could fit my entire apartment into the gorgeous living room of her suite.

Daisy and Jamie are amazing girls. It really was a huge honor to capture the moments of each of them throughout the day.

silk satin wedding shoes

brooklyn wedding florist

Then it was time to get Jill ready – which means all hands on deck!

Pro tip : If you’re getting ready surrounded by those you love, let’s get them dressed first.  Set aside some time in your timeline for them to get ready – your mom, aunt, sister, dad, grandmother, man of honor, best friend, whoever is going to help you get dressed.  That way they’ll be all ready while you get ready!

bride getting ready at hampton inn brooklyn downtown

After Jill got dressed, it was time for her and David to see each other for the first time.  After battling with some very weirdly complicated sliding glass doors (We think they were sliding?  Or maybe they opened out?  They were weird, and baffled several intelligent adults completely!), they saw each other on the glassed-in balcony of their hotel.

indoor first look

Jill and David opted to give each other gifts at their first look, which I loved.  Many couples exchange gifts the morning of their wedding, but this way they got to see the other’s reaction in person!

After the first look and gift exchange, it was off to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a few moments for some portraits.

Then we hopped in Uber’s and settled in at 501 Union.  We took some family pictures, Jill and David got a much-needed break, and guests started arriving. I love this image of the 501 Union team making sure the flowers were misty fresh – see the water droplets in the air?

David’s girls walked down the aisle after him.  They’re amazing women – and how could they not be?  David is a simply magnificent, kind, loving father.

There are moments at every wedding that just stick.  This was one of those moments.  David’s girls grabbed each other’s hands as the ceremony started, and didn’t let go until it was over.

This ceremony.  THIS.  CEREMONY.  I know the phrase “Not a dry eye in the house” gets used a lot in reference to weddings, but it was so true.  David’s vows. Jill’s vows.  The tears and emotion.  The prayer circle around their rings.  The love, the family.  This was everything. After the ceremony it was time to drink, dance, and hug hug hug.  The guests wandered through the bar area of 501 Union, we took some more family pictures, documented the hugging during cocktail hour, and took some pictures of the truly exceptional decor in the reception space.

What comes after cocktail hour?  OH RIGHT.  The PARTY.

Jill’s dad and stepdad gave a toast together.  What a family.  I know I keep saying that, but it’s so purely true.  The love in that room was a vibrant thing. After dancing with her dads, Jill danced with her mom.  I loved how beautiful these moments were. Jill and David cut their cake, then presented an anniversary cake to David’s parents. We closed the night out with a few more portraits at 501 Union. Jill and David, thank you for having me to document your gorgeous day for you!

501 Union: A Chic and Versatile Wedding Venue in the Heart of Brooklyn

501 Union, located in the culturally rich and vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York, is a contemporary and stylish venue perfect for couples seeking a unique and modern wedding experience. Known for its sleek architectural design and flexible space, 501 Union offers a sophisticated backdrop for a wedding that blends urban charm with personalized elegance.

Modern Sophistication Meets Industrial Chic

As guests step into 501 Union, they are greeted with a space that beautifully marries industrial chic with modern sophistication. The venue, once an automotive repair shop, has been transformed into a stunning event space that retains elements of its industrial past. The interior features high ceilings, exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors, and a striking skylight that runs the length of the space, filling the venue with natural light.

The venue is divided into three main areas: a front cocktail lounge, a covered atrium, and the main reception hall. The cocktail lounge, with its art deco-inspired bar and ambient lighting, provides an intimate space for guests to mingle. The atrium, with its retractable glass roof and hanging plants, offers an ideal setting for ceremonies or a serene space for guests to relax. The main reception hall, characterized by its elegant simplicity, provides a blank canvas for couples to create their dream wedding setup.

Unique Photographic Opportunities

501 Union’s blend of industrial and modern elements creates a variety of unique and captivating settings for wedding photography. The venue’s sleek, minimalist interior offers a chic urban backdrop, while the skylight in the atrium provides beautiful, natural lighting for capturing special moments. The outdoor garden, with its greenery and urban surroundings, adds a touch of nature to the industrial setting.

The venue’s location in Brooklyn also provides access to a range of vibrant and eclectic backdrops for photographs. The surrounding neighborhoods, with their mix of historic brownstones, street art, and iconic cityscapes, embody the spirit of Brooklyn and add an authentic urban feel to the wedding album.

A Personalized Wedding Experience

501 Union is celebrated for its flexibility and commitment to personalized service. The open floor plan and neutral color palette of the space allow couples to customize the venue to suit their style and wedding theme. Whether planning a lavish celebration or an intimate gathering, the venue can be tailored to meet the specific needs and vision of each couple.

The dedicated team at 501 Union works closely with couples and vendors to ensure that every aspect of the wedding day is seamless and memorable. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence make each wedding at 501 Union a unique and tailored experience.

Embracing Brooklyn’s Vibrant Energy

Choosing 501 Union for a wedding means embracing the dynamic and diverse spirit of Brooklyn. The venue’s location in one of New York City’s most vibrant boroughs offers couples and their guests an opportunity to experience the unique culture, history, and energy that Brooklyn is known for.

A wedding at 501 Union is more than just a celebration; it’s an experience that reflects the modern, eclectic, and vibrant character of Brooklyn. It’s a place where urban sophistication meets industrial elegance, creating a perfect setting for a wedding that is as stylish and distinctive as the couples who celebrate there.

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