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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Wedding at Quantum Leap Winery

Wedding at Quantum Leap Winery

Who? : Kalen and Zachary

What? : Preparations in an AirBnB, first look at a nearby park, ceremony and reception at a winery.

Where?  Quantum Leap Winery, Winter Park, Florida

When? : December 2018

I fell in love with Susan’s work because it is pure art. Her creative eye and ability to capture the unexpected is unprecedented. We love her elegant, documentary-style photos and want her to feel free to get as artistic as she wants! We trust her fully and will be so proud and honored to hang her pictures on our walls and share them with friends, family, future children, potential employers, the checkout lady at Publix — Really just anyone we can.

As if I weren’t already enough in love with Kalen myself before she filled out my Wedding Day Worksheet, this paragraph above sealed the deal!

I first met Kalen and Zachary through email, as is often the case with destination clients.  However, we also got to meet – which is not often the case for destination clients.  Kalen and Zachary are both incredible performers at Universal Studios in Orlando, and I got to see them sing when I was there on vacation this past summer.  Seeing them in their element like that was electric; they’re dynamic talents with huge stage presences, and their love for what they do is so palpable.

I knew their wedding day was going to be uniquely, amazingly them…and it was.  From Kalen’s Broadway-themed playlist while she got ready to her sparkly makeup-kit-on-wheels-with-lights, they had me at the very beginning.  Add to that custom leather jackets, a first look near an alligator pond (we didn’t see alligators, thank goodness, Florida I’ve missed you)nighttime portraits lit by the headlights of Kalen’s dad’s vintage car, a first dance by a barbershop quartet, a sparkler exit from the ceremony to the reception, and one of the best bands I have EVER HEARD, the day was a heart explosion from start to finish.

Kalen and Zachary, you two are magic.  There is no other word for it.  I am deeply thankful from the bottom of my heart that you brought me to Florida to document your day.  And I hope you managed to get packed by the time your flight took off for Germany on Monday…

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

Quantum Leap Winery: A Modern and Eco-Friendly Twist on the Traditional Winery Wedding in Florida

Quantum Leap Winery, located in the heart of Orlando, Florida, offers a unique and sustainable setting for weddings, combining the rustic charm of a traditional winery with a modern and eco-friendly approach. As Florida’s only sustainable winery, it provides a distinctive and meaningful venue for couples who are not only passionate about wine but also committed to environmental responsibility.

A Blend of Rustic Charm and Urban Sophistication

Quantum Leap Winery stands out with its contemporary design, featuring high ceilings, sleek concrete floors, and an industrial-chic aesthetic. The spacious tasting room, with its large windows and open layout, creates a bright and airy atmosphere, perfect for both ceremonies and receptions. The winery’s modern design is complemented by touches of rustic winery charm, such as wine barrels and wooden accents, creating a unique and inviting ambiance.

The outdoor space, with its views of the barrel-lined warehouse and beautifully landscaped areas, offers an ideal setting for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hours. The combination of the urban setting with the elements of wine culture provides a unique backdrop for a wedding celebration.

Photographic Opportunities with a Contemporary Edge

The Quantum Leap Winery offers a variety of settings for wedding photography. The contemporary, minimalist interiors serve as a chic backdrop for modern and stylish wedding photos. The barrels and winemaking equipment add an authentic winery feel to the photographs, capturing the essence of the vineyard experience in an urban setting.

The outdoor areas of the winery, with their industrial elements and green spaces, provide a unique contrast for wedding photography, blending urban sophistication with natural beauty. The winery’s sustainable practices, such as its barrel reuse program and energy-efficient technologies, can also be highlighted in photos to reflect the couple’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Embracing Sustainability in Every Detail

Quantum Leap Winery is not just a venue; it’s a statement of sustainability. The winery’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact is evident in every aspect of its operations, from wine production to event hosting. Couples who choose Quantum Leap Winery for their wedding are making a conscious choice to celebrate their love in a way that is mindful of the planet.

The winery offers a selection of its own sustainably produced wines, providing an opportunity to incorporate eco-friendly and locally crafted beverages into the wedding celebration. The staff at Quantum Leap Winery are dedicated to ensuring that each wedding is not only beautiful and memorable but also aligns with the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship.

A Unique Urban Winery Experience

Quantum Leap Winery offers a wedding experience that combines the romance of a vineyard with the convenience and modernity of an urban venue. It’s a place where love for each other and love for the planet can come together in perfect harmony. For couples looking for a contemporary, eco-friendly, and unique venue in Florida, Quantum Leap Winery presents an ideal choice for a memorable and meaningful celebration.

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