Wedding at the Loews Hotel Philly

Who? : Alexa + Ryan

What? : Preparations in a hotel and an AirBnB in Philadelphia, ceremony at a church, portraits in the park, and a reception in the Loews Hotel Ballroom

Where?   The Loews Hotel Philadelphia

When? : April 2019

The bold documentary style has drawn us both in. We like the creative and artful touches (fades, bokeh in lighting, mirroring and strong angles are very nice). We are both drawn to the colorful/psychedelic styles and would love to capture this if possible.

Bold documentary style?  Creative touches?  Mirroring?  Strong angles?   Colorful style?  When I read this note from Alexa and Ryan in regards to their wedding photography I knew I was all in – as if I wasn’t already.  Alexa and Ryan are the sort of people that bring the sun with them wherever they go, from the incredibly sweet way they are with each other to the way they laugh and forge bravely into some of the craziest Philadelphia wind I’ve ever experienced.

From the wind sweeping them through a shower of rose petals down the steps of their church to crawling under scaffolding in the pitch dark for a breathtaking rooftop view of the city, Alexa and Ryan are the kind of clients that wedding photographers dream about : bold, creative, artful, and strong.  They themselves are colorful and extraordinary, so it’s no surprise that they wanted that reflected in their wedding images.

What a dream, what a windy dreamy dream their day was.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

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