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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Destination Wedding at the Vizcaya

Destination Wedding at the Vizcaya

Who? : Christine + Jared

What? : Wedding in Miami in 2009, vow renewal at the same venue in 2019

Where?  Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

When? : March 2009 and March 2019

Talk about full circle.  I met Christine and Jared for the first time way before their 2009 Miami wedding – we were all living in Tallahassee, Florida, and I’d been commissioned to photograph their engagement session.  I still remember walking around downtown Tallahassee (remember Gallie Alley, you two?) as vividly as I remember traveling to Miami for their wedding.  Since 2009, I’ve photographed many other things for this remarkable couple as they have since added three hilarious, wonderful children to their family.

Christine and Jared are, simply put, tremendous people.  Individually they are hilarious, warm, welcoming, razor-sharp smart, charming, gorgeous, and kind. Together?  They’re a supernova of sunshine.  It was a ferociously huge honor to travel back to Vizcaya for their vow renewal on their tenth anniversary to create some more images, this time with their children.

See you back in Miami in 2029?  I’m there if you’re there.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their destination wedding at the Vizcaya vow renewal portrait session in 2019:

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And a few favorites from their wedding in 2009 : time flies, am I right?

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: A Miami Wedding Venue of Unrivaled Beauty and Elegance

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami offers a breathtaking backdrop for a wedding, combining the allure of a European estate with the tropical beauty of South Florida. This National Historic Landmark, with its stunning Italian Renaissance architecture, expansive gardens, and serene waterfront setting, provides an enchanting and elegant environment for a truly unforgettable wedding.

The Splendor of Vizcaya

As guests enter the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, they are transported to a world that echoes the grandeur and luxury of a Mediterranean villa. The main house, with its opulent décor and art collections, exudes a sense of historical sophistication. The expansive gardens, inspired by Italian and French designs, feature beautifully sculpted hedges, serene water features, and a vast array of tropical plants, offering a picturesque setting for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Vizcaya’s Terrace, overlooking Biscayne Bay, presents a stunning location for waterfront nuptials, where the gentle breeze and the sound of the waves add a magical touch to the celebration. The East Terrace and the Garden Mound, with their exquisite views and architectural details, provide additional options for outdoor ceremonies and cocktail hours.

Capturing Wedding Moments Amidst Historical Elegance

Every corner of Vizcaya offers a photographic opportunity. The lush gardens, with their intricate landscaping, classical statues, and reflective pools, create a romantic and idyllic setting for wedding photographs. The villa’s architecture, with its ornate loggias, stone columns, and decorative facades, adds a sense of grandeur and timelessness to the photos.

The interiors of the Vizcaya Museum, with their opulent rooms adorned with antique furnishings and artworks, offer a luxurious and sophisticated backdrop for capturing the elegance of the occasion. The natural light that filters through the windows and the views of the gardens and bay provide a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor beauty.

Embracing the Unique Charm of Miami

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is not just a venue; it’s a landmark that embodies the unique charm and beauty of Miami. Its location offers the perfect blend of cultural richness and natural beauty, ideal for couples who want to incorporate the vibrant spirit of Miami into their wedding.

The surrounding area of Coconut Grove, with its lush landscapes and bohemian atmosphere, provides additional options for guests to explore and enjoy, adding to the overall experience of a Miami wedding.

A Wedding Experience Like No Other

Choosing Vizcaya Museum and Gardens for a wedding means stepping into a realm of unparalleled beauty and historical grandeur. The venue offers a distinctive and breathtaking setting for couples looking to celebrate their love in an environment that is as luxurious as it is romantic. Here, every moment of the wedding day is surrounded by beauty, history, and the enchanting ambiance of one of Miami’s most treasured landmarks.

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