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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Hotel duPont Wedding Guide

The Hotel duPont is a beacon of elegance and refined taste, located at the vibrant center of Wilmington, Delaware. Since its inauguration in 1913, this iconic establishment has become a byword for luxury and sophistication, attracting couples searching for an unparalleled wedding venue. With its majestic architecture and lavish interiors, the Hotel duPont offers a spectacular setting for a celebration that promises to be magical. This introduction sets the tone for our comprehensive Hotel duPont Wedding Guide, ensuring every couple considers this venue for their momentous day.

A Hotel duPont wedding reception set up in an ornate ballroom.

About the Hotel duPont

The Hotel duPont, an emblem of luxury and grandeur, has a storied history that dates back to the early 20th century. Its origins are deeply intertwined with the DuPont family, one of America’s most prominent industrial families, known for their innovations in chemistry and their impact on the American economy and society.

Foundation and Early Years

The Hotel duPont was commissioned by Pierre S. du Pont, and construction began in 1911. The goal was to create a hotel that could accommodate the needs of business travelers and visitors to Wilmington, Delaware, reflecting the city’s growing importance as a commercial and financial hub. The hotel officially opened its doors in 1913, immediately setting a new standard for luxury and elegance in the region.

The hotel was designed by the prominent architectural firm Carrère and Hastings, known for its work on the New York Public Library and the Standard Oil Building. The hotel showcased French and Italian Renaissance features. Its opulent design included richly decorated interiors, handcrafted gold leafing, imported European chandeliers, and intricately carved woodwork, making it a masterpiece of craftsmanship and architectural beauty.

A bride is putting on her wedding dress in front of a window at the Hotel duPont wedding.

The Golden Age

The Hotel duPont quickly became the social heart of Wilmington, attracting a distinguished clientele that included business tycoons, political figures, and celebrities. The hotel was renowned for its impeccable service, luxurious accommodations, and gourmet cuisine, which were unmatched in the region.

One of the hotel’s most notable features is the Gold Ballroom, a breathtaking space adorned with gilded stucco, terrazzo floors, and a coffered ceiling designed to host lavish events and celebrations. The Green Room, another iconic space within the hotel, epitomized fine dining with its opulent French neoclassical design, earning it a reputation as one of the premier restaurants in the United States.

Expansion and Renovation

Over the years, the Hotel duPont has undergone several renovations and expansions to modernize its facilities while preserving its historic charm and elegance. These updates have ensured that the hotel remains competitive and continues to offer top-tier services and amenities to its guests. Despite these changes, the hotel’s commitment to luxury and excellence has remained unwavering, a testament to its enduring legacy.

Present Day

Today, the Hotel duPont is more than just a hotel; it symbolizes Wilmington’s rich history and cultural heritage. It continues to be a preferred venue for weddings, galas, and other significant events, offering a blend of historic ambiance and modern luxury. The hotel also plays a pivotal role in the community, hosting cultural and philanthropic events that contribute to the social and economic vitality of the city.

The Hotel duPont’s legacy is not just built on its architectural grandeur or its contributions to Wilmington’s social scene but also on its ability to adapt and thrive through the changing times. As it moves forward, the hotel remains a beacon of luxury, elegance, and unparalleled hospitality, honoring its past while embracing the future.

A blissful bride is gracefully holding a stunning bouquet of flowers at her elegant Hotel duPont wedding.

Wedding Venue Spaces at the Hotel duPont

The Hotel duPont is not just a venue; it’s a canvas where each couple can paint their unique story, thanks to its diverse array of event spaces that cater to a wide range of preferences and styles. From the opulence of grand ballrooms to the intimacy of smaller suites, the hotel provides a perfect setting for every chapter of a wedding celebration, be it the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, or farewell brunch.

A Hotel duPont wedding reception adorned with beautiful flowers and flickering candles on the elegantly set table.

The Gold Ballroom: A Masterpiece of Elegance

The Gold Ballroom, the crown jewel of the Hotel duPont, is an epitome of grandeur and sophistication. With handcrafted bas-reliefs that grace the walls, adding depth and texture to the space, and gilded accents that catch the light in a soft, warm embrace, this ballroom transports guests to a bygone era of lavish celebrations. The soaring ceilings, adorned with intricate plasterwork and magnificent chandeliers, create a sense of awe and grandiosity. This ballroom can host a grand affair, accommodating hundreds of guests in a breathtaking and unforgettable setting. The Gold Ballroom is not just a space; it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who step within.

The du Barry Room: Intimate Elegance

In contrast to the grandeur of the Gold Ballroom, the du Barry Room offers a more subdued elegance, ideal for smaller gatherings. This space exudes a warm, inviting ambiance with its rich wood paneling and soft, natural light that filters through the windows, offering views of the hotel’s manicured grounds. The size of the room lends itself to a more intimate setting, where every detail can be tailored to reflect the couple’s taste and style. The du Barry Room is perfect for those who seek a cozy yet elegant atmosphere for their celebration, where guests can enjoy a sense of closeness and camaraderie.

A wedding reception at Hotel duPont, an ornate ballroom illuminated by purple lighting.

Customizable Spaces for Every Event

Beyond the Gold Ballroom and the du Barry Room, the Hotel duPont boasts several other event spaces, each with its own unique character. From the sophisticated Crystal Ballroom with its Art Deco influences to the more contemporary Kent and Sussex rooms, the hotel offers a variety of backdrops for any wedding event. Whether it’s a sunlit ceremony in one of the smaller salons or a chic cocktail hour in one of the hotel’s modern lounges, there’s a space that fits every part of the wedding journey.

A Canvas for Personal Stories

What makes the Hotel duPont stand out is the beauty of its spaces and the ability for couples to transform these settings into a reflection of their own stories. Each room is a blank canvas, ready to be adorned with the personal touches that make a wedding unique. From custom lighting schemes that set the mood to floral arrangements that bring in pops of color and life, the hotel works closely with couples and planners to ensure that every detail is in place, creating an ambiance that is as unique as the love it celebrates.

Hotel duPont wedding guide

A Team Dedicated to Perfection

Behind every successful wedding at the Hotel duPont is a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to making each event seamless and spectacular. From the initial planning stages to the final send-off, the hotel’s staff provides expert guidance and support, ensuring that every celebration aspect is executed flawlessly. Their commitment to perfection and attention to detail means that couples can relax and enjoy their special day, confident that their wedding is in good hands.

The Hotel duPont’s variety of spaces, combined with its commitment to personalized service, makes it a premier choice for couples looking to create a wedding that is not only beautiful but also deeply personal. Each space within the hotel tells its own story, inviting couples to make it a part of their own and crafting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Catering and Cuisine

Culinary excellence is a hallmark of the Hotel duPont experience. The venue’s acclaimed chefs craft menus that blend tradition with innovation, offering a gastronomic journey that complements the grandeur of your celebration. From exquisite hors d’oeuvres to sumptuous multi-course dinners, every dish is prepared with the utmost care, using the finest ingredients to delight you and your guests.

A stunning bride and her radiant bridesmaids standing in front of a window at a Hotel duPont wedding.

Wedding Packages and Services

Hotel duPont simplifies the planning process with comprehensive wedding packages designed to meet every couple’s needs. These packages include essential elements like menu tastings, a bridal suite, valet parking, and personalized services to make your day truly unique. The hotel’s experienced wedding specialists work closely with you to ensure every detail reflects your vision, making your celebration a flawless expression of your love.

Accommodations for Guests

The Hotel duPont, renowned for its grandiose weddings and events, extends its luxury beyond the celebration spaces into the realm of guest accommodations. Understanding the importance of comfort and style, especially in the context of a wedding, the hotel offers a variety of room options designed to cater to its guests’ diverse needs and preferences. Ensuring everyone involved in the special day experiences the epitome of sophistication and service, the Hotel duPont’s accommodations are a testament to its overarching commitment to excellence.

Two pictures of a Hotel duPont wedding table adorned with elegant candles.

Range of Room Options

Deluxe Rooms: These rooms blend comfort and elegance, designed for guests who appreciate attention to detail in a more intimate setting. Featuring plush bedding, sophisticated décor, and modern amenities, Deluxe Rooms offer a serene retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Executive Suites: For guests seeking additional space and luxury, the Executive Suites provide a separate living area where they can unwind or entertain in privacy. These suites are furnished with elegant furniture and artful décor and come equipped with enhanced amenities, offering a perfect blend of function and sophistication.

Signature Suites: The Signature Suites at Hotel duPont are the pinnacle of luxury accommodation. Each suite is uniquely designed, offering an unparalleled experience with distinct themes and opulent furnishings reflecting the hotel’s rich history and grand architectural grandeur. These suites often feature additional amenities such as a dining area, a powder room, and panoramic views of Wilmington, providing guests with an unmatched level of comfort and exclusivity.

Accessible Rooms: Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the Hotel duPont ensures that luxury and comfort are available to all guests, including those with mobility challenges. Accessible Rooms are thoughtfully designed with features such as wider doorways, grab bars, and roll-in showers, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free stay for every guest.

A bride and groom gracefully dance at their Hotel duPont wedding reception.

Experience the Sophistication and Service

From the moment guests arrive, they are enveloped in the Hotel duPont’s signature sophistication. The hotel prides itself on its high level of service, with a dedicated staff ready to cater to guests’ every need. Whether it’s providing recommendations for local attractions, assisting with transportation arrangements, or ensuring a smooth check-in and check-out process, the team at Hotel duPont ensures that every guest’s stay is memorable.

The accommodations at Hotel duPont are more than just a place to sleep; they are an integral part of the wedding experience. Guests can expect to find themselves immersed in an atmosphere of elegance that mirrors the grandeur of the wedding itself. From the luxurious bedding to the impeccable service, every aspect of their stay is designed to complement the joy and sophistication of the special day.

In conclusion, the Hotel duPont’s commitment to providing luxurious accommodations reflects its dedication to creating an unforgettable experience for wedding parties and guests. With a range of room options and special rates for wedding groups, the hotel ensures that everyone involved in the celebration enjoys the same level of comfort, style, and exceptional service that defines a Hotel duPont wedding.

A Hotel duPont wedding where the bride and groom are cutting into a beautiful wedding cake.

Getting to the Hotel duPont

Getting to the Hotel duPont is a straightforward journey that offers convenience and a touch of elegance to your arrival experience. Located in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware, this iconic hotel is easily accessible by various modes of transportation, catering to the diverse preferences of its guests.

For those arriving by air, the Philadelphia International Airport is the nearest major airport, situated approximately 30 minutes away by car. Guests can opt for a rental car, taxi, or private car service for a more personalized and comfortable journey to the hotel. Additionally, shuttle services are also available for those looking for an eco-friendly option, providing a seamless connection to the hotel.

Travelers preferring to arrive by train will find the Wilmington Amtrak Station conveniently close, less than a 10-minute drive from the hotel. This station serves as a key stop on several Amtrak routes, making it an efficient choice for guests coming from various cities along the Northeast Corridor and beyond. Taxis and ride-sharing services are readily available at the station to take you to the hotel’s doorstep.

For those driving to the hotel, Hotel duPont is situated within easy reach of major highways, including I-95, offering direct access for guests traveling from nearby cities or states. The hotel provides valet parking, ensuring a smooth and welcoming start to your stay. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the hotel’s attentive staff, ready to assist you with your luggage and guide you through the elegant lobby to begin your luxurious retreat.

Each of these travel options is designed to cater to the needs of the hotel’s distinguished guests, ensuring that your journey to the Hotel duPont is as seamless and comfortable as your stay. Whether you’re arriving from near or far, the hotel’s accessible location and the variety of transportation options available make getting to your destination an effortless part of your luxury experience.

hotel dupont wedding family photos on staircase

Wedding photo locations near the Hotel duPont

Writing a Hotel duPont Wedding Guide without mentioning photo spots would be incomplete! Wedding photo locations near the Hotel duPont offer a variety of picturesque settings, each bringing its own unique charm to your special day. Here’s a curated list of stunning locations for capturing those unforgettable moments, along with their distance from the hotel and what makes them stand out:

  • Brandywine Park (1.5 miles): Nestled just a short drive from Hotel duPont, Brandywine Park is a natural oasis in the city. Its lush landscapes, winding river, and historic bridges offer a serene backdrop for romantic photos. The park’s diverse scenery, from open green spaces to intimate wooded areas, provides a range of photographic opportunities.
  • Rockford Park & Tower (2 miles): This park is known for its iconic stone tower, providing panoramic views of Wilmington. The combination of historic architecture and natural beauty makes it a unique spot for wedding photos. Couples can capture moments against the backdrop of the tower or amidst the sprawling lawns and mature trees.
  • Nemours Estate (3 miles): A bit further from the hotel, Nemours Estate boasts exquisite formal gardens and a stunning mansion reminiscent of Versailles. Its meticulously landscaped grounds, featuring reflective pools, fountains, and classical sculptures, offer a luxurious and timeless photo setting.
  • Longwood Gardens (12 miles): Although a bit of a drive, Longwood Gardens is worth the distance for breathtakingly beautiful photo shoots. Its expansive collection of gardens, woodlands, and meadows is unmatched. The indoor conservatories also provide a fantastic option for rainy days or year-round lush backgrounds.
  • Wilmington Riverfront (1 mile): Just a stone’s throw from Hotel duPont, the Wilmington Riverfront is perfect for couples looking for a more urban vibe. The scenic walkways along the Christina River, modern bridges, and the vibrant atmosphere offer a dynamic and contemporary photo setting.
  • Gibraltar Gardens (2.5 miles): This hidden gem features a historic mansion surrounded by enchanting gardens and terraces. Its secluded feel and varied landscapes, including formal gardens and natural woodlands, create a romantic and intimate setting for wedding photographs.
  • Bellevue State Park (3.5 miles): Offering historic charm and natural beauty, Bellevue State Park includes the historic Bellevue Hall mansion set against a backdrop of rolling lawns and gardens. The park’s varied settings, including a picturesque pond and woodland trails, provide a serene and beautiful environment for capturing your day.
  • Alapocas Run State Park (2 miles): Ideal for nature-loving couples, Alapocas Run State Park offers rugged landscapes, including rock climbing areas and wooded trails. The park’s Blue Ball Barn adds a rustic, historical element to photos, while the natural greenery and waterfalls provide a dramatic backdrop.
  • Hagley Museum and Library (3 miles): Set along the banks of the Brandywine River, Hagley Museum offers a blend of industrial history and natural beauty. The historic mills, waterworks, and workers’ community provide a unique historical context, while the surrounding natural beauty adds a serene touch.
  • The Delaware Art Museum (2 miles): For art-loving couples, the Delaware Art Museum offers both indoor and outdoor photo ops. Its sculpture garden and labyrinth provide a unique and artistic backdrop, while the museum’s architecture adds a modern, sophisticated touch.

Each location offers its unique blend of beauty, history, and nature, providing various options for couples to capture their wedding memories near the Hotel duPont. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of historic estates, the tranquility of nature, or the vibrancy of urban settings, there’s a perfect spot for every couple’s style and story.

A wedding couple posing in front of a pond in New York.

Why I love the Hotel duPont as a wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, my affection for the Hotel duPont as a venue is deeply rooted in its blend of timeless elegance, architectural grandeur, and the impeccable variety of backdrops it offers for capturing the essence of each couple’s special day. This historic hotel is not just a venue; it’s a treasure trove of photographic opportunities, where every corner tells a story, and every space is imbued with a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

One of the primary reasons I love photographing weddings at the Hotel duPont is the stunning array of settings it provides. From the opulent Gold Ballroom with its ornate detailing and majestic ambiance to the more intimate and equally elegant Du Barry Room with its intricate woodwork and luxurious decor, the hotel is a versatile canvas for capturing a couple’s love story. With its sweeping curves and dramatic lighting, the grand staircase offers a classic and timeless backdrop for bridal portraits and couple shots that feel both cinematic and deeply personal.

A wedding box with a sign and flowers on it in New York.

The hotel’s exterior, with its Beaux-Arts architecture, provides a majestic facade that adds an air of nobility and timelessness to any photo. With their historic charm, the surrounding streets of Wilmington allow for diverse urban shots that contrast beautifully with the hotel’s interior opulence. This juxtaposition of settings enables me to create a richly varied portfolio of images for each couple, reflecting the full spectrum of their wedding day emotions and experiences.

Moreover, the Hotel duPont’s commitment to excellence in service mirrors my own dedication to capturing the beauty and uniqueness of each wedding. The staff’s attentiveness and professionalism ensure that every aspect of the day runs smoothly, allowing me to focus on the art of photography. This synergy between venue and photographer creates an environment where creativity can flourish and magical moments can be captured with ease and elegance.

In essence, the Hotel duPont is a dream venue for any wedding photographer who values history, architecture, and the art of storytelling through imagery. Its timeless beauty and modern sophistication make it an unparalleled setting for luxurious and deeply personal weddings. Each time I photograph a wedding here, I am reminded of why I cherish this venue so deeply—it’s where moments are not just captured but are transformed into lasting memories, imbued with the grandeur and romance that only the Hotel duPont can provide.

I wrote this Hotel duPont Wedding Guide because I adore this gorgeous space and the people who work here.  Every time I’ve worked here it’s been such a wonderful experience, and I look forward to going back again and again and again.

A bride and groom passionately kissing in front of a large cake at their New York wedding.

In conclusion…

In wrapping up this exploration of what makes the Hotel duPont an extraordinary choice for weddings, it’s evident that its unique blend of historical elegance, diverse photographic opportunities, and impeccable service sets it apart as a premier venue.

As a wedding photographer who has had the privilege of capturing the beauty and emotion of numerous weddings here, I can attest to the Hotel duPont’s unmatched ability to offer a backdrop that is as unforgettable as the ceremonies it hosts.

The essence of this venue is captured not just in the grandeur of its rooms or the beauty of its architecture but in the countless, heartwarming moments it has hosted and the memories it has helped create. For couples seeking a venue that combines luxury with history and for photographers eager to capture the depth and beauty of each love story, the Hotel DuPont stands as a beacon of excellence.

Whether you’re planning your big day or simply dreaming of the possibilities, the Hotel duPont Wedding Guide serves as your gateway to envisioning a magnificent and deeply personal celebration, ensuring that every moment is captured with grace and beauty.

Hotel duPont Wedding Guide

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