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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

NYC Engagement Ring Stores

An engagement ring isn’t just another piece of jewelry; it’s something you’ll wear and treasure for the rest of your life. Plus, it’s likely to be the most meaningful piece you’ll ever receive (or give.) And if you’re going to be wearing it every single day, you’ll want to find a piece that you’ll love to admire day in and day out.

Your engagement ring says a lot about your personality, style, and lifestyle, so it’s important to find one you love. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite places to look for rings, including NYC engagement ring stores and a few other jewelers with fabulous online shops and exceptional customer service.

A Liberty Warehouse wedding ring sitting on top of an ice cube.

Local NYC Engagement Ring Stores

Wendy Nichol

New York City-based artist Wendy Nichol has created handmade leather goods and fine jewelry for the past ten years. Her designs are a beautiful balance of totally original looks and whimsically romantic delicacy. Some of her designs feature classic diamonds, and other engagement rings boast richly colored amethysts, glittering opals, and other gemstones and hues that will be unique to the person who wears them.

Additionally, no one ever said your engagement ring style has to be classic; you can stand out from the crowd, and your gorgeous Wendy Nichol ring will set you apart from other fiancées (in the best ways possible).

Automic Gold

Automic Gold creates “radically wearable fine jewelry for everyone.” Their products are gender-free, designed with a deep understanding of the importance of ethically created jewelry and representation of all bodies, colors, and sizes in their modeling and marketing. Each Automic Gold piece is hand-crafted and thoughtfully designed, with clever and simplistic bands and locally sourced gemstones.

Their simplistic designs are trendy and fashionable, designed to be highly durable, so your ring will last as long as your love story. Their NYC store has permanently closed due to Covid, so shop on their website! Love the design but have something different in mind? They’ll help you create a custom piece, too!

Two wedding rings on top of a candle at a romantic New York wedding ceremony.


If you have the exact vision of what you want your engagement ring to look like in your head, LoveRocksNY is the perfect place where you can bring it to life. They offer bespoke and ethically sourced diamond engagement rings and wedding bands designed to reflect your unique style and expression of love.

But, if you need guidance in finding the perfect ring, they also have pre-designed rings that you can purchase or work with a specialist for a little extra guidance. LoveRocksNY also carries beautiful and distinct LGBTQ+ rings that celebrate your unique love story and gender-neutral rings that look beautiful on every hand.

A black and white photograph of a wedding ring in New York.

Online Engagement Ring Stores for NYC Couples

Woolton and Hewitt

Woolton and Hewitt is a specialist LGBTQ+ jeweler who takes pride in creating rings for all couples in love. Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring or a wedding ring, you’ll love their beautiful bands, patterned rings, and luxurious diamond set styles. They are a gay-owned and operated jeweler in the UK that offers fine quality rings selected to reflect the special relationship of equality that links LGBTQ+ couples.

They even have beautiful 5-color rainbow flag wedding rings made from gold and platinum that are unique, distinct, and sophisticated. The Hewitt family have been jewelers for over a hundred years, and they bring their expertise to their family business.

For those who live stateside, they offer advice and consultations via video. Since they know it’s nice to see your rings in person before you decide, they offer a Sample Service where they’ll send you a replica to try on at home.

A diamond engagement ring sits on top of a pile of rocks in New York.

Ben Garelick

Ben Garelick’s commitment to treating every customer like family has prevailed since opening in 1952. They take great care in educating each person who enters their store (or visits their website) about the intricacies of diamonds, fine gemstones, and gold. They carry designs by some of the finest jewelers in the world, offering unique styles and designs without ever compromising quality.

Or, if you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, Ben Garelick’s artisan designers can also help you customize your unique piece that will be handmade with expertise and gentle artistry. Whatever you’re looking for, Ben Garelick will help you find the perfect engagement ring, and their attention to detail and quality jewelry will keep you coming back for every celebration after that.

A wedding ring with diamonds and an emerald, purchased in New York.

David Yurman

David Yurman is the passion project of two incredible artists whose creative journey brought them to a world of luxury jewelry design. Today, David Yurman creates the “ultimate expressions of love and commitment” with exclusive engagement ring designs that are sophisticated and unique, with a clear eye for innovative silhouettes and bands.

Furthermore, their team of Wedding Specialists will help you find the perfect ring and give you all the details about their custom engraving and upgrade program. The DY Signature Cut is a patented design modeled after a cushion diamond with defined corners and a sleek, contemporary look. You’ll be impressed by their impeccable craftsmanship and grateful for their commitment to conflict-free diamonds.

A wedding ring sits on a pile of pearls in New York.


If ecologically-minded and ethically-made jewelry is your vibe, you’ll definitely want to check out Lolide’s unique and contemporary-looking rings. Every piece of their jewelry is crafted by hand in a Seattle studio that values social justice and gender equality.

The designer uses 100% recycled materials, lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, and intentional non-toxic processes that ensure each final ring is as eco-friendly as possible. But these environmentally conscientious practices don’t mean that Lolide sacrifices quality or look; their pieces are bold statement rings that are refreshingly unique.

A wedding ring elegantly rests on a wooden table in New York.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring to give to someone else or browsing with your partner,  these NYC engagement ring stores and online shops have beautiful selections to suit everyone’s taste. They are wholesome, forward-thinking companies worth supporting. Take the time to figure out exactly what ring suits you best.

When you’re ready to pop the question, I’ll happily take engagement photos to celebrate your love in timeless and meaningful images! So reach out today to chat about your dream photos!

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