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I capture the unspoken — the glances, the silences — drawing from New York's pulse and the richness of global cultures. Every wedding is its own intricate narrative. Rooted in theatre and life's everyday rhythms, I document moments both transient and timeless. 

Hey, I'm susan!

Park Chateau Wedding

A Park Chateau Wedding is always a stunning event, but this summer wedding was unforgettable. Located in the heart of New Jersey, Park Chateau provides the perfect backdrop for a celebration filled with love, laughter, and timeless elegance—and this gorgeous day was no exception!

A pair of wedding rings and an engagement ring in a velvet box next to a white wedding dress hanging from a bed canopy in a room with large windows and curtains, capturing the elegance of a Park Chateau wedding. A Park Chateau wedding dress and veil hang on a stand near a window in a dimly lit room. Several pairs of shoes are lined up on the floor next to the stand. A bride in a white robe looks at a wedding dress hanging on a stand before a mirror at Park Chateau. Beside this, glittery shoes are placed on delicate lace fabric. A bride in an off-shoulder wedding gown stands near a window at her Park Chateau wedding, with a long train trailing behind. Another woman stands behind her, adjusting the dress. Both are in a room with elegant curtains and wooden flooring. At a Park Chateau wedding, a bride in an off-shoulder gown has her dress adjusted by another woman in a pink dress. A close-up reveals the intricate detailing on the sleeve and veil, highlighting the elegance of the moment. A bride standing in front of a window, wearing a long veil and a lace gown at her Park Chateau wedding. The image has a mirrored effect, showing the bride from different angles in black and white. A bride in a wedding gown and veil stands by a large window at Park Chateau, holding a bouquet. The room features long curtains with sunlight filtering in. The image has a double-exposure effect, adding a layered look. In a dimly lit room with a window at the Park Chateau wedding, one man helps another adjust his bow tie. Both are dressed in formal white shirts and black suspenders, capturing the elegance of the day. Two men in formal attire face each other in front of a window at a Park Chateau wedding. One man adjusts the other's jacket in a dimly lit room with curtains. At a Park Chateau wedding, the bride and groom stand on an elegant staircase adorned with flowers; the bride is ascending while the groom awaits her at the base in a black and white ambiance, capturing their first look. A bride stands in front of a grand staircase at her Park Chateau wedding, decorated with flowers and surrounded by lit candles. She wears a long, flowing dress with a veil, and framed pictures adorn the wall behind her. A bride and groom hold hands while descending a flower-decorated staircase at their Park Chateau wedding, with a blurred reflection of the scene in a nearby mirror. A black and white photo of a bride and groom at their Park Chateau wedding. The groom stands and looks at the seated bride holding a bouquet. Another shot shows the bride sitting by a window with her veil draped around her. Two wedding portrait groups at the Park Chateau: Left, a couple with two older adults in formal attire; right, the same couple with two different older adults in formal attire, standing in front of a decorated staircase. Black-and-white photo of five women in formal dresses posing indoors at a Park Chateau wedding. Three women stand behind two seated women, all holding flower bouquets. An ornate chandelier and shelves are seen in the background. Black and white image of a couple dancing under a chandelier at their Park Chateau wedding on the left, and a man in a suit sitting on a leather couch on the right. A floral arrangement in a white vase next to a wall-mounted lantern, and a white chair with a "reserved" sign hanging on it, evoking the elegance of a Park Chateau wedding. Side-by-side images. Left: Man in a tuxedo walking indoors, dark wooden doorway in background. Right: Bride in a white dress and woman in blue dress standing indoors, similar doorway in background, capturing the elegance of their Park Chateau wedding. A couple stands at the altar, exchanging vows during their Park Chateau wedding ceremony. The bride wears a lace gown with a veil, while the groom is in a dark suit. A priest presides over the ceremony. A bride in a floral lace dress and a groom in a black suit walk down the aisle at the Park Chateau, an elegant indoor venue adorned with stunning floral arrangements, surrounded by their guests. A person in a suit holding a tray with champagne glasses on the left, and a cheese wheel with the words "PARK CHATEAU" next to various cheeses, grapes, and decorations on the right sets the perfect scene for an elegant Park Chateau wedding. Elegant table setting with a tall floral centerpiece featuring pink and white flowers, surrounded by candles and glassware on a well-lit dining table in a formal Park Chateau wedding setting. A bride and groom, dressed formally, hold hands and walk together in the beautifully decorated Park Chateau wedding venue while guests watch and take photos. A couple dances closely in the center of a room filled with people, with a layer of fog covering the floor, under a bright setting. The scene exudes elegance and formality, capturing the enchanting atmosphere of a Park Chateau wedding. A woman in a floral dress speaks into a microphone at an indoor Park Chateau wedding. Two seated people, a man and a woman, listen attentively. The room is adorned with candles and flowers. A couple in formal attire walks hand in hand on a stone path at night, with trees decorated with string lights in the background, creating a magical Park Chateau wedding ambiance. A couple stands closely together in front of an illuminated doorway under a large archway, framed by two lanterns on either side, in an elegant evening setting at their Park Chateau wedding. Three women are enjoying a night out, dancing and laughing on a parquet dance floor in a well-lit venue at the Park Chateau wedding. One woman holds a drink in her hand, while the background shows tables and chandeliers. A group of people in formal attire are socializing indoors at a Park Chateau wedding. Two women are engaged in conversation, with one touching the other’s pregnant belly. Others are seen smiling and talking in the background. A woman in a white dress is dancing energetically at a Park Chateau wedding, holding hands with another person. Other attendees are seen in the background, some dancing, in a ballroom setting.

A Park Chateau Wedding offers an exquisite blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication, making it an ideal location for capturing unforgettable wedding photos. Located in the heart of East Brunswick, New Jersey, this venue is renowned for its stunning architecture and picturesque surroundings. Let’s explore some of the most beautiful locations at Park Chateau and how they provide perfect backdrops for wedding photography.

The Grand Chateau

The main building of Park Chateau is an architectural marvel. Inspired by French chateaus, its grand façade, with classic white stone and beautifully manicured gardens, sets a romantic tone. The entrance, with its stately doors and elegant archways, is perfect for capturing dramatic arrival shots of the couple. The symmetrical design and intricate details of the Grand Chateau provide numerous opportunities for stunning portraits and group photos.

The Chapel

One of the standout features of a Park Chateau Wedding is the charming chapel. With its traditional design and intimate atmosphere, the chapel is a favorite spot for ceremonies and photo sessions. The beautiful stained glass windows create a soft, colorful light that enhances the romantic ambiance. Capturing moments within the chapel’s serene environment can add a touch of classic elegance to your wedding album.

The Courtyard

The courtyard at Park Chateau is an enchanting space that perfectly blends nature and architecture. Surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers, the courtyard features a lovely fountain at its center. This area is ideal for candid shots of guests mingling and the couple sharing quiet moments together. The courtyard’s open layout and natural beauty make it a versatile location for a variety of photo styles, from formal portraits to spontaneous snapshots.

The Gardens

The expansive gardens at Park Chateau offer endless possibilities for breathtaking wedding photos. With meticulously landscaped lawns, charming pathways, and vibrant flower beds, the gardens provide a picturesque setting for any wedding theme. The weeping willows, ornate benches, and sparkling water features add to the fairytale-like atmosphere. Whether capturing a tender moment by the pond or a joyous group photo on the lawn, the gardens ensure every shot is picture-perfect.

The Ballroom

For indoor photos, the grand ballroom at Park Chateau is unmatched in its elegance. The high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and opulent décor create a stunning backdrop for both posed and candid shots. The ballroom’s sophisticated ambiance is perfect for capturing the first dance, toasts, and other significant moments of the reception. The luxurious interior design ensures that every photo exudes glamour and refinement.

The Suite

The suite is a private, beautifully appointed space that provides a serene environment for pre-wedding photos. With its plush furnishings, large mirrors, and tasteful décor, the suite offers a perfect setting for capturing preparation moments. The soft lighting and elegant design of the suite add a touch of intimacy and sophistication to these personal photos.


A Park Chateau Wedding is a dream for couples and photographers alike. The venue’s stunning architecture and diverse locations provide endless opportunities for beautiful and unique wedding photos. From the grandeur of the chateau and the charm of the chapel to the natural beauty of the gardens and the elegance of the ballroom, every corner of Park Chateau is designed to create lasting memories. If you’re planning a wedding, Park Chateau offers the perfect setting to capture the moments that matter most.

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